Dirt trails around Chiang Mai in video


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Apr 28, 2011
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Went out to test my new GoPro hero3 last weekend.

Will post a video of every trail around Chiang Mai.

Here is the first one, the leech trail or "Site B" all raw vid with no music.

Max -- There's a printed Doi Suthep trail map coming which will be color-coded, for trail type/ degree of difficulty, the videos will be useful for rating the trails.
Full Hell's gate trail (starts 50m after start, with 1 cut where I waited for other riders):

Turtle trail yesterday, very overgrown I would not recommend it during this period of the year, as you can see on the video, can't see where the trail goes...

Bamboo Trail near the Mok Faa Waterfalls:

Lew advised that the turtle trail was over grown the other day.. Looking at that above kinda glad we turned back there..
it is a bit overgrown, but only grass coming down from buddhas footprint. didnt recognise it today and went back up to the footprint!
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