Southern Laos the video - January 2012


Sep 13, 2011
KLX 250 & Ninja 650
Hi Guys.
Spent from 1pm until 7pm editing video today.. Hope you enjoy this 9 minute clip.


I think it really captures the vibe for our trip and anyone planning to visit the south and has not been.. Enjoy..

Riding through Rivers, taking the bike in a canoe across rivers, unbelievable bridges, wrong turn through a village. Single trail along the Mekong. Every time I watch this I feel like I am back there :-) January 2012 Kawasaki KLX 250 - What a great bike - Who needs a KTM ;-)


ps If you want to view the full screen be sure to select 720 HD for better quality.. It may take longer to download.
Great video - enjoyed it very much as it really captures the fun of riding in Laos along uncharted tracks, through and over rivers.
Midnight Mapper is back down there right now, watching that makes we want to take the KTM ( :p ) over there.

Wonderful to watch, shows all the reasons why this is unbeatable enjoyment, thanks Brian.
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