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Jan 4, 2016
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Will I be able to enter Lao on a Thai bike, with owner present, at Nong Khai with nothing from a tour company as things stand now? 500cc
If you have your paperwork in order.... I would expect so. I've had three of our bikes go into Laos via Chiang Khong recently... with the correct paperwork. I know some other border points are problematic...

One of ours came out at Mueng Ngeun / Huai Kon - where others have had problems over recent years, in both directions I believe. We had two try to get into Laos there (had told them to go to Chiang Khong). They were refused at Huai Kon, but got in at Chiang Khong
Nong Khai is only allowing groups of six or more to cross as a tour and pay around 2,000 baht each for the paperwork after you cross you can go your own way, less than six you be refused.
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