Thailand-Laos Border questions


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May 15, 2017
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our next trip by 4x4-car (mazda cx-5 AWD/XDL) will start end of may 2019 - exit-border is chiangkhong to houay xai - does somebody know, if there still is some UTM-regulations (ATM = Automatic Teller Machine / UTM = Under thetable Machine
;-) - ??? - i remember last time some years ago we paid to thai-and laos about 800-1000 baht without bill...! is it still the same or did they change the "rules"? because we cross many other borders thai-laos or vv and never paid one baht, except the fees for the bridges! or overtime fees to laos (lunchtime/weekend/holidays etc.) - thanks for any infos!

ps: we hope to find some more offroad-tracks in northern laos...any tips welcome too!

another question - is the border
Thailand-Laos Border Ban Huak
จุดผ่านแดนถาวร ไทย-ลาว บ้านฮวก

now an official border we can cross into laos?


Jul 1, 2012
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Quick answers to your questions Ban Huak, Phu Sang is still not international and cannot enter or exit, Chiang Khong should not be a problem crossing in or out is no issue, no escort fee required now either way, just simply pay your visa fee if your entering and all good.
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