Riding around north Sumatra?


Jul 17, 2013
Prachuab, Thailand
I'm planning an Indo trip with family for October, starting in the north at Pulau Weh for some diving then heading to Berastagi and on to Lake Toba, about 3 weeks in total. Would love to hire a bike and have a ride about, is this possible in Sumatra? Any recommended routes or trips to take that are not too hardcore (will have the kids with us)?
Hi Busida, we would enjoy seeing some photos of the trip afterwards.


Like someone else said, sumatra drivers are the worst I've seen
Wen you fly into Banda Aceh, see the coast on the west, it looks fantastic from the plane, and I guess you need a bike to get there.
I was lent a scooter at the place I stayed
And hired one on Pulau Weh
The place I wanted to see was Tangkahan, north of Bukit Lawang.
Also I went to nr Kutacane, to Gunung Leusur Nat Pk to try to do a trek deep in the jungle.
Saw wild Orangutans there and Rafflesia
Will be based out of the Lake Toba area so will probably grab some bikes there or take a trip with Easyriders, don't usually like going with a guide but these guys know the area so well and where all the good stuff is!
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