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Jan 14, 2011
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"The Bigfella" (Ian Gatenby), a member of the Ride Asia Motorcycle Forum, was recently inducted into The Fraternity of Big Dog Adventure Riders in a Big Dog member ceremony January 30, 2020 held at The Rider's Corner Bar and Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Gatenby has been known among the secretive members of the Big Dog fraternity as "The Wild KTM Man On Java," (to be purposely confused with the famed P. T Barnum's "Wild Men of Borneo").
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To perpetuate the long circulated rumor that new Big Dog fraternity members vetting included reciting poetry along a gnarly dirt trail or track wearing only their motocross boots and a smile, Gatenby was presented with a rare autographed copy of a book of poems titled "MOTORCYCLE POEMS BY THE BIKER POET (see above photo).

More about the Big Dog Adventure Ride and it's 30th event can be found here of the forum:

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Big Dog Event Scribe 2019
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Aug 15, 2012
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And a fine honour it is, thank you Doc.
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