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Mr Sneds has a second operation on his elbow yesterday, looks like he's coming out of hospital tonight

ouch all my legs and hips, shorts in the early days of madness in Pattaya


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Eric s broken leg infection is under control, bone graft monday all done, he sent me this, the drugs must be good.

Proving he's still immobile


Never sent from an I-Phone
Great news for Eric; many of us were very worried because it looked BAD for a while.
Back to Eric who had the clean leg break in Cambodia that got infected, he just emailed me an update-

He's just had a bone graft operation, doner bone from the "gut" below - more staples


Bone graft recipient. More staples....


A week after graft.


Staples out time


Bone doner staples from the "gut" removed




& this is how it looks today --- much better --- wishing you a quick recovery Eric

Eric from Laos Adventure Riders Association in Chiang Mai Last night. Was in Thailand to get his "scaffolding" removed, but after inspection might need a second bone graft, hope this ordeal (now 6 months) will be over soon.

Oh oh oh, some of you had very bad crashes in thailand...
More than 20 years ago i had a very bad crash in germany when a car hit me.
I had only 1 real crash in thailand, about 10 years ago on the danger streets of samui.
A young boy crashed in my side. He was injured, I only had a few scratches.

I asked Dr Sudhee why he used thread and not staples to seal up wounds-
He's seen more infections using staples. The young docs like staples as it's easier/quicker. Using thread the wound always looks nicer/unnoticeable after healing. He gave me a major bollocking for manipulating the nurses into giving me morphine when I didn't need it, I got 3 shots in before he came visited and nabbed me!
puts you in good spirit before the op too- asked me "so what leg was it you wanted off again?" !!!
Dr Sudhee rocks and genuinely cares about your well being, highly recommended.
^ after a knee op 20 years ago my leg was hooked up to a motion machine to keep bending and straightening it for about 48 hours.

I had a button hooked up to a pethidine dispensing machine time limited to 10 mins between i was having a ball but then their effectiveness seemed to wear off and it was going around the twist a bit. Had to get them to take it away in the end.
What pisses me right orf is the haggling that goes on , how much are your injuries worth ,can we ( the insurance Co.) get away with paying as little as poss. I was in Wiang Chai police station for an hour while a friend ( the thai guide we had in 2004 ) was trying to get a deal with the insurance hombre. My PCX was a write off and would cost 78k to be replaced, but no, it could be repaired. Two teeth are chipped, who will pay ? No one it seems. This is from a Co. that has 1 million B. at there disposal. But I was lucky , still waiting for PCX after 2 weeks and was handed a cheque for 40,000B. If the PCX is not fixed in the next 13 days the money hour glass is turned over again.
Post Op X-ray. Fells good having it removed, no uncomfortable feeling anymore - result!

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 2.26.58 PM.jpg
Hopefully I can build it up in time to try and give you a run for your money up LMS Chicken Run. Will you be participating in any local dirt riding when you come over?

Bloody hell Johnny, is that lump what remains of you bicep? Pretty scary photo that.
Oddvar just had a bike incident today and has a broken collar bone, havn't got the full details yet, wishing him a quick recovery

Hope all is well Odvar. If you need help with your bike recovery just ask.

I`m sure he`ll be fine.

If i had the choice of a broken bone i`d take a collar bone every time. Plates and screws and she`s like new very quickly.

Speedy recovery Oddvar.
Oddvar get well soon mate, the trails in Nan are awaiting your return
If i had the choice of a broken bone i`d take a collar bone every time. Plates and screws and she`s like new very quickly.

With plates yes.. I drove myself to hospital for a check up 2 or 3 days after having one plated..

But when they dont plate them.. Can go on for months as its hard to isolate it and keep it immobile.
isnt there a lot of collateral damage with collar bones? like tendons ripped/torn?
I remember a lot of guys with perpetual problems from that, never seem to heal
And I was told that the collar bone is the most painful bone to break, but I dont know, cos its the only one I broke

touch wood
Agreed.. Lots of ongoing issues if you dont get it plated (tho similar with many joint breakages).. My brother started years of dislocating his shoulder and stretching the internal ligament. Lots of grief that went on for many years.

Dont agree on most painful bone.. Tho (baring infections) breaking bones is IMO less painful than a lot of other injuries, less nerves firing off pain signals in the actual bone, its the tissues / muscles / ligaments and the like you tear up when you do a major break that really hurt you.

Having done lots of limb breaks, I would put a bad or multiple rib breaks up there in pain.. Every sneeze, cough or spasm is a solid reminder to stay still.
I broke mine when i was 15 and they only put a figure 8 bandage on it and sent me home.

Was back on the bike and up to speed again in days.....until i crashed again and landed on the broken collar bone again,that hurt....then again another couple of weeks later in the front yard at home doing power slides for some school friends 555

It never did heal properly but stood up to the rigors of tackling in rugby league in later life and aches if i sleep on my side for too long,like when drunk,otherwise it`s fine.

Tendon,nerve and ligament damage a whole different kettle of fish.
I was just riding along on a trail yesterday when I bounced off a nodule, apparently the rear wheel went sideways, and I put a foot down, but it got caught on a root or something and twistedmy knee.
When I tried putting some weight on my leg, the knee went a bit sideways.
I was able to ride home and saw the doc today. He says theres no bone damage butI need to wear this brace for a few weeks, and get an MRI scan
Good luck with it... and do what the doc tells you
Scooters and u-turns are death traps ... well nobody died but after riding 4 years about 50.000 km in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia I did collide with a scooter while riding on route 12.

End result a broken shoulder (humerus), an almost 3 hrs operation in Samitivej in BKK and the physical therapy for the next 2 to 3 months.

It is now 3 weeks ago, my right arm is still mostly like a useless piece of meat.


Anyone has personal experience with something like this and what to expect?
Does this count?


This one could have been avoided by simply wearing something...
but considering that I was riding in flip flops, bathing suit and T-shirt it could have been worse. Was just strolling along with my GF on the back and my guard down...when coming out of a corner in lazy 2nd the fuel pump gave out and killed the engine...BMW in Thailand took care of that pump issue 5 times, or so they said... LMAO
....Then I went to a total nutjob homeopath doc.. put some tiny tabs under my tongue.. 2 weeks later it was healing.

LivinLOS...can you please remember what it was the nutjob gave you and where I can find it ASAP?

My mom has some serious ulcers on her leg that won't close. She had a vain stripping done on both legs and one is now ok but the second is not healing by the ankle where she had an injury a few years ago. They did a skin graft last year but it didn't take and now they plan to do another one...I believe at 74 years of age she should be spared the troubles if there is another way and I start to think that she may some similar issues (especially since she went through chimo in 2010 for breast cancer)...perhaps some nutjob homeopathic remedy is exactly what she needs.

I know its a been a while ago but can you try and remember?
good thing you are fairly fit before the operation Alex. All the best

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This is what the doctor did with mine and probably what Alex will be having too.

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