Post your Asian toilet photo's spotted while touring here!

Can't believe I actually read this thread. Maybe this will take the taste away. Found on the web somewhere, sometime back.


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What about these 2? The first one is in the back of a shop, not a hotel room.
In the second one you can see I had to cable tie the shower to a different tap so I could have a shower

One of the worst I've seen was in this delightful hotel in Taiping, Malaysia


The foyer there was beautifully decorated, complete with a lady who wanted money to mind my bike... or something


The washbasin came complete with the last guy's underpants... somewhat wet and smelly...


.... and it went downhill from there.

Then again, some dodgy karaoke place in Flores, Indonesia had a concrete floored loo (good so far)... but the toilet was a bit of 38mm plastic pipe in a centimetre deep dished area in the concrete.

.... and when I asked where the toilet was in Ban Pindong, Laos where I was stranded in the wet season... the guy just pointed to the paddy field.

Sorta reminds me of Bukit Lawang in Sumatra. I could post a photo of a sweet young thing using this river as a toilet.... but I won't


I'll post her photo though...


Here's some more from Sumatra though


I'm very attached to that leg
Taken on the 1B to Pongsali :kat

South of Weixi, SW China - human waste free falls 3 meters through the hole into a catchment area ready to be exported to the farm as fertilizer

It was one of the best I'd seen so far. From the hole in the floor your excretions free-fell about 3 meters. This all seemed a little strange, then it dawned on me that they collect all the human waste and use it as manure in the fields

I've got one:


In a rural village home, about 10km east of Larantuka, Flores Island, Indonesia.

The home owners - Dani and Sisilia Kerans - fed me after I took a p!ss in their inside dirt-floored WC, of which they are very proud btw:


Tasted good too (the food that is!)

Keith [& Ellen]
I think you missed the bowl..... :D
This one might be a winner spotted 2 days ago near Yuan Jiang, SW China


It was beside a lake and 2 concrete sloping slots had been fabricated into the the floors so that the human waste trickled out into the lake behind. There were plenty of fish waiting FYI


I presume the styrene is to block the holes at night to stop the rats getting in

"Enjoying Hotel" Kunming

Voyers delight, Loo & shower the other side of the glass in the hotel room. You actually feel like it's on the balcony & they forgot it when building it in the first place.

Curtain is room side too !!

SW of Dali, Yunnan, China - this one was kind of luxury with trap doors, not sure what that is on the back of the door though?

A few years ago I pulled into a service station as I had the impending squits.
I said to Pim " might not have time to take my trousers off " ( best with Thai hong nams ) Pim said " ok we share " I said we are bloody not . I am going in on my own but might not return " Then she said again " WE SHARE !" Then I noticed her pointing to the big middle toilet with the Wheel Chair logo on the door. DUH !!
The picture of the toilet bowl with the concrete slabs in looks some dump.
Australia is part of Asia, isn't it? The head on the replica of Cook's Endeavour

Just received this gem from Oddvar, taken while we were in China

"For your collection. This one had a lady next door and a "floater" came by."

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