Picture Video around the mountain area west of Beijing.

This is the follow on from the last video.

Further up now close to 5500 meters.

Started to ride on packed ICE no fun with street tyres on.

And yes the bike went down in the end.

Lucky for me and not seeing not many other people at all, would you believe a 40 feet lorry with snow chains on came over the top of the mountain.
The driver kindly gave me a hand to get the bike upright. lucky me.

Whenever the local heat gets too much for me I'll watch this again.
Street tyres??
What bike?
Where was the camera mounted? Seemed vibration-less if mounted on bar.
Didn't notice any swearing at 6'13".
Slip off, assess the situation, right the bike, light up a cigarette.
Nice one Stephen.
Hi Ron

A big fat CFmoto TR-G was the bike.
245 dry KG with about 60 KG gear, so over 300 KG.

You can see in the pictures were the GoPro was mounted.

Yes not too much shanking but I was "trying" to go slow, 3rd gear with both feet down ready didn't help much.
On stuff like this, you don't get much of a chance lol, was -10C at the time.
The bummer was I was only about 200 Meters from the top and the ice soon melted on the way down?.

If you look carefully in 1 of the pictures you can just see the RED truck on its way down towards me?

Very Very lucky with that, no way could you get it up even if you were King Kong.
Feet was just slipping on the ice.

If you click on my name just next to the right side of the video about 46 other videos come up, most in China some in Thailand on my Honda CRF250L.

Apart from the past owner post with trips into China you don't get much stuff from China nowadays.

I lost a 2-year gap on RA from me due to my exit from the site.

All sorted now thanks, Ron & Bob.

Ride safe and have a hot good day

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