Nan-Through Hills-New Road And Big Embarrassment 11-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 101, 3171, 1026, 4006, 1216, 3042, 3012, 4027

Total distance 263 km

I take the 101 then a left onto the 3171 and on along the 1026 to Na Noi where I take a right onto the 4006 which then becomes the 1216.
A few km along here at N18.20.269 E100.40.813 I take a left onto an unpaved track to ride 1.5 km to the Nam Haeng Reservoir and this one is slightly overflowing

Riding along the 1216 and some workmen are busy here

The football pitch could do with some water by the look of it

At N18.17.787 E100.35.305 I take a left onto the 3042

4.7 km later I reach Ban Chettawan at N18.15.878 E100.35.118

Its breakfast time for the whole family by the look of it

Riding around the village I notice these rubber mats drying out, I didnt know they grew rubber around here

I visit Chettawan cave at N18.16.382 E100.34.674 and yes those steps are steep

It looks a long way down

Riding back to the 1216

Along the 1216 up higher and I dont like the look of that,it rains for a short time but not too hard

Near the top and as usual the cabbages are being loaded up

A bit further at the top and not much visibility at all

Its looking a bit brighter here

At the end of the 1216 I turn right onto the 101 and ride to Wiang Sa

At N18.33.997 E100.44.165 I take a left onto the 3012 and a few km later take a left onto the 4027

After a few km I begin to enjoy this road

Its good scenery too

Someones tending their garden on the banks of the Sa river

After 18.4 km at N18.35.213 E100.35.900 the surface turns to unpaved then its a mixture of asphalt and gravel/dirt for the next 9.3 km

I ride past the village and according to the gps the road is just a track from now on

I stop at N18.36.670 E100.34.176 and decide its time to turn back, I must give it a go earlier in the day next time and see if the track crosses over to one of the villages in the sideroads off of the 1091 on the 4002 but that can probably wait until next years trip when I have a more suitable bike for the terrain

Along the way back and the maize is being processed

Another good ride today taking in some new sights and roads

I order half a rack of ribs and a double portion of fries at Tonys Place, delicious they are too, 210 Baht

Well it had to happen some day, to my total and utter embarrassment I could not finish eating my meal

The look on my face says it all, a complete loss of face for me, the remains had to be taken home by me in a bag.
Get the gdb file here ... rrassment/
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