Nan-A Temple On A Hill-1148 Side Roads-Nan 9-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1091, 3080, 1092, 1179, 1148, 4011, 3016, 3011, 4020, Unknown, 1080

Total distance 403 km

A shot from a scenic point on the 1091

Just before Chiang Muan I take a left onto the 3080 and ride to the end of the road at the Yom river

This guys in the middle of the river busily tugging his boat along, I ride back towards the 1091 then take a right up a steep road to visit a new temple

Phrathat Phu Po at N18.52.130 E100.16.497, this was what I could see high on the hill riding along the 1091

Its certainly a stunning view from up here

I ride on taking the 1092 then a left onto the 1179

About two km before reaching the 1148 this house is to my left

As the name suggests its more than just someones home

This is going to be a little shop in the future

The owners Daughter spoke some English and she gave me a guided tour around

The workman is making what will be a waterfall

At the moment they are only doing a catering business but plan to include karaoke plus other things, perhaps next visit it will be finished

I take a right onto the 1148 then a few km later take a right onto the 1092

A good twisty road but its not a really smooth surface, I take a left onto the 4011 and ride northwards returning onto the 1092 in the opposite direction back to the 1148

A few km later Its a left onto the 4020 to ride to the Phu Langka Forest Park

After a steep climb I turn a corner to see this lovely sight

This is certainly a twisty road

Lots of these along here, the asphalt finishes after 7.8 km at N19.23.683 E100.27.321 and its a steep dirt track which I leave for another day

Further along the 1148 at N19.21.299 E100.32.221 I take a left for the Tham Sakoen National Park

Which ends here 4.6 km later at N19.23.193 E100.31.920

There is a sign for a waterfall but its an 800 metre climb and as the water running past where I stop only looks like this I certainly cant be bothered to climb for that

Its probably a different story in the wet season though

As I am about to leave a family turn up and the kids go off to play in the water

The Nam Ngim Reservoir that can be seen from the road

Further along the 1148 at N19.22.923 E100.35.907 I turn left onto possibly the 5087, I see this number on a sign but the gps doesnt even show the road

The asphalt finishes after 3.9 km at N19.23.700 E100.34.731

Ban Yot school, some of the kids have got kites and some are playing football.
It was time to explore some of the side roads off the 1148 today, there were more but I ran out of time

Another double portion of lasagna, onions and garlic bread at Tonys Place tonight for 208 Baht?.

Get the gdb file here ... roads-nan/
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