motorcyclist meditation

Bush Pilot

Jan 13, 2011
So have you ever gotten frustrated trying to meditate?
Hey no worries if you ride a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is a meditation.
The only mantra you need to buy is gasoline.
Now riding position helps; google "master yoda riding position" for details.
Basicaly an upright seating hands about level with the elbows with some weight on the foot pegs.
Now just go out and ride paying attention to "it all". As thoughts pass through you head let them simply flow right on by continuing to ride. Pay attention to shifting smooth, to you fingers on the clutch, finger on the brake; to where you eyes are looking.
Pay extra attention to the scooter about to pull in front of at the same time glancing in your mirror.
Meld it all together and ride the sweet spot. You done it before but now you can take even more comfort in wiring it all up.
And now you know more about why you like to ride. ;)

Steve Canyon

Senior Member
Jan 15, 2011
That's the reason I get up in the ride my bike..

Makes some sense....

Next time the wife asks me where I'm reply will be..

To meditate my dear.....

Nice one
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