Riders of powerful "Big Bikes" will take separate tests and have different licenses to other motorcyclists


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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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To many Young Thais with no experience on a bigger more powerful bike are being killed every day.

Just take a guy we both know Bob who dauhther who is only 15 years old has a Ninja 400cc and only tonight told me her friend with the same bike was killed riding it last week in CR.
The worry for me is I dont care a shit what there do, I do care who there take out with them?


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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I wouldn't say this applies to just young Thai's it's across the board sadly, also in the mix are tourists hiring from unscrupulous hire companies big bikes and no idea of SE Asia road rules (or lack of them).

Further talk of fines ranging from 5K - 50K for travelling without a licence will also make life interesting, but like most things, it will most likely blow over.
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