LED Light Bulb that actually work (high / low beam)


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Oct 15, 2014
I follow the development of LED Bulbs for the use in Motorbikes as replacement
for the Halogen Bulb now for a few years and test a few .

I talk here about Bulbs for the main driving Light not Indicators or rear/ breaklights or
additional lights.
That work now for years very well and most of us use them for Years without Problems .

I like to change the Main Bulb ( H4 ) in the Original headlights as well to LED.

Untill last week all H4 Bulb replacements i have seen have the same Problem .
The LED sit on solid Aluminium pieces that shield the light one way or the other and either
Low beam or high beam or both have a shit reflection in a Reflector calculated for a Halogen Bulb .

Simply depends the LED sit not on the right spot and High beam is in most cases simply a increase
in Power output but don't change anything on the distance of the light beam befor it hit the Road .

Now i found another one that looks promising in the catalog .

The one in the center .

2 LED in front top for the Low beam and 2 Led on each site for high beam .
Advertised as 50 W
Actuell its more like 20 W in Lowbeam and 34 W in High beam but this bulb focus the Light much better
and High and Low is really a difference .

A short testrun is promising .

All the Pic's are made with the Bulbs in the original CRF 250 L Reflector , distance to my workshop door
about 3 m . Power comes from a new CRF Batterie connect to a Charger .
the Light output compare to the stock 35/35 W Bulb in the CRF (can be change to 55/60 W without Problems )
is much higher and brighter and compare to the second LED Bulb (30W) in this Test high / low beam really make
a differnce .

So i install one in the CRF Reflektor and try to make that much bigger (on the Outside ) Bulb as Waterproof as possible .
The large Alublock that act as heatsink has a small Fan inside .
The CRF Rubber cover cut out and a half Cap from a Rattle can glued in place cover the LED bulb nearly Watertight .
The electronic Powercontroller for the LED fits on top of the Reflektor .
A Testrun in the Workshop for 1 hour shows no temperature Problems .
Front Clear Plastic 29 °C , Rear , the Plastik Cap 35 °C and the Elektronicbox 45°C without any wind for cooling .

As soon as i am back from my next Projekt i will install this to the CRF for a real Time driving test .

By the Way , this Bulb is available from DX.com , Set of 2 78Euro
MZ H4 50W 4000LM 6000K LED Distance / Dipped White Light Car Headlight Headlamp - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

Not cheap , but if it work .
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