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Jan 30, 2011
so getting in to Cambodia at Ko Kong.....
at customs you get hecklers trying to fill out
forms or get you photocopies from town for 50bt upwards,they are quite
helpful at times but you dont usually need them overcharging you. Just go
to the window, get the forms, fill them in for your visa and have enough
and more in $US ready, because the Customs/Immigration Officer will
probably demand an extra 10dollars or more for the visa, and may refuse
thai baht. Of course you can argue, but thats no guarantee of getting the
visa, especially if you dont want to wait around in your leathers all day.

Everywhere in Ko Kong takes Thai baht, dollars and Riel

From the border, dont forget to drive on the right, never mind what the locals do.
The town is a few miles further, over the bridge. Just follow the road/dual carriageway

The casino is immediately on your right, if you want to stay there, play there, or just walk down to their beach and jump in the sea.
If you go past there and turn right under an arch into Safari World, there is the sea where you can swim and local basic restaurants.
A little further is a shop or two for drinks etc, and a Police checkpoint where you may get stopped and asked to see your passport again, but normally they dont bother so dont worry if you just rode on by.
You get to a roundabout, town is left.
If you go straight on for a couple of miles is the beach, quiet with several restaurant/shacks
selling drinks and prawns etc.

Down the hill from the roundabout/pagoda is the toll booth, 1400riel,
(35cents) iirc for bikes, then the bridge which is maybe 700metres long.
Best to get petrol in town.($1+litre).

Best to stay in town for the night as it's a long way to anywhere else.
There may be a nice resort an hour or two away off the main road but you
better know exactly where it is and make sure it's open

Over the bridge,Go right along the riverfront for the best hotels in town,
the Bay, and some cheap places on the left ($6up). There is a cash
machine,at Canadia Bank
,they always dispense dollars.Some of the better
restaurants too,a French one on the right,Renault??, and a couple on the
left,Golden Sea and next door are good. Also opposite in the evenings are
stalls on the riverfront selling bbq chicken cheap(6000riel) and beer(50cents) etc.
There are 3 gas stations further down.
Between riverside and main street are side roads with guest houses and
restaurants, even a nightclub (Pisay). For$7or$8 a night, the Apex, Bopha,
Otto's,Heritage,and more. an extra $5 for aircon. And a nice cool french restaurant

On the main street between the 2 roundabouts, before the market,theres a
supermarket,(night club next door but I've never been in), shops(one does
24hr gas bottles), pharmacies, laundry, bus companies, local restaurants($1.50 for an omelette/baguette),noodle stores,
but also Harrys Bakery, burgers and german food,next to the old Dugout hotel, and just by the roundabout in centre of town is Fat Sams,western food in western sizes.a good place to meet others and find out whats worth doing around town.
Just past the main roundabout is a supermarket and a good mechanic,on the
right, if he cant fixit you'll have to wait till you get to PP or Snookville.

The market has fruit,everything I guess, but hammocks yes, and stores
around may have grease, tools, clothes, best moneychangers,
Theres a gas station,on a corner, and one local restaurant that does cheap
western food, just up the road by there is the 99guest house,nice newish
place,they speak good english and french. Further up the road are more
GHs,restaurants, local karaoke bars and girls.
I'm sure I know little about the place really, so if you want to add to
this you're welcome.


Nov 26, 2013
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Just to add... If you are going to from Koh Kong to other parts of Cambodia, DO NOT use Google Maps! I had a shock when I use it to try to get to Siem Reap direct. Maybe my bike was not suitable for that kind of terrain... Too heavy. And if you really need to, follow the power cables in case you get lost... FYI....

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Jan 30, 2011
Google Maps is currently showing the Old road up to Ao Saom, which is no longer passable.
But if you zoom into about 22km(?) from Ko Kong, you can see a smaller road where the new road turns off left, instead of following the Tatai river,and rejoins the old road at about 90km, near Ao Saom.

In fact, the Old road turnoff is now just another unnoticeable dirt track.
There are a couple of Dams you have to bypass on the new road so its best to get a proper gps track if you want to go that way.
Taxis go at least as far as Ao Saom, I'm not sure about beyond

But here, do NOT attempt to follow the power cables!


Nov 26, 2013
Current ride. Kawasaki Versys 650 2012
I was there last Dec on the way to Siem Reap but have to make a stop at Pusat passing Ao Saom. Was a mistake but I survived. Got lost midway but got help from a rider riding a XR. Later on met him at Ao Saom and he told me he got lost too due to my "interruption". He was doing some tracking I presume. He told me he got back on track by following the power lines thus I shared this info. There was no tracks or I looked at the wrong places. Anyway, I had submitted my GPS tracks for that particular route to www.malfreemaps.com and hope it helps other riders who plans to attempt that route. Not sure whether they had updated it into the latest version. I had yet to check.

Let's just ride....
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