2019 Kawasaki W800s

I had heard it couldn't pass Euro 4, I guess that was because of the rear drum brake preventing it from having ABS.
Now it has got a proper rear brake
Soon available in USA. Nice looking clone that wont leak oil, electrics will work, electric starter and FI so not have to worry about the POS AMAL carb rattling itself to death.
Kawasaki HI has been very good in this clone market niche.
In 1965 they came out with the W 1, an admitted copy of the 1955 BSA A10 Road Rocket.
W 1.jpg


If you can't read German, what was interesting was the blue sign below describing the W1. The last sentence says the W 1 was "besser,"which translates to better. 5555
W 5.jpg

Photographs were taken last year at the Deutsches Zweidrad-Museum, in the small town of Neckersulm, Germany. As a dedicated motorhead I've stopped here often as the displays change. This one has been in place for at least 20 years.

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