Kawasaki at Bangkok Motorbike Festival.


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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai

There will be some new Kawasaki models launched at the Bangkok Motorbike Festival.
Don't be surprised if the KLR650 is one of them!
i'll post pix if that happens :banana:
the 650 is definetly a bike to take a good look at ..I don't mean to be unpolite but what is the source of your information?

Good, please do so.
I won't be able to be there.
that is going to add a lot to the TH market.exiting..that's a great ADV bike,look forward to the new 2014-15 (TH) specs/price.thanks

A Kawasaki employee.
KLR650 was not there..so far..from Kawa FB page only 2 new models ;z250SL ABS and Ninja 250 sl ABS. unveiled.... :banghead:
That's disappointing, however it was not a 'for sure' comment made by the employee I spoke to.
So maybe the original 'mid July' arrival for the KLR is more accurate. Hope so.
hope so too..but i doubt .mid july is in 11 days. where is the point in losing the show and present the bike just after, not really a good biz technique is it?
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