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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai
After the recent heavy rain it was obvious that our local waterfalls would be raging,
so today I decided to ride out to Nam Tok Mork Fa.

This is one of my favorite hang-outs as, not only is the waterfall splendid, but the route I take from Doi Saket is very interesting also.
Throw in the bonus of Pankled Coffee and you have the ingredients of a nice day out.

So, off the 118 speedway onto the 121 and then along 107 through Mae Rim.
I turned off 107 at the market at (N 18.93370, E 98.94074) and rode the quiet track 3023 through Muang Pa, past the Erotic Garden turn to the main Pai road 1095.

There's a lot to see along 3023 and I noticed a few new coffee shops along the way.
I hadn't been out there for about 5 years.

I decided to go non-stop to Pankled and then to the waterfall, hoping to arrive before too many other people did.
A good idea as it turned out.

So it was the usual 'hello' to Geronimo at Pankled where a nice curried chicken meal was consumed with a strong black coffee.


Then onto my first challenge.
I had (incorrectly) heard that the entrance fee at Mork Fa had sky-rocketed to 300 baht.
No, but it was 120 baht for 'Aliens' and 20 baht for Thais.
I don't want to get involved in a 'dual pricing' aka 'pricing discrimination' discussion here.
Suffice to say that at the ticket box we had a pleasant discussion in the best Thai I could muster for the occasion.
We discussed the word 'discrimination' and how I had a Thai license and lived here and was a poor pensioner etc etc.
All very polite and subdued.

The end result I was politely invited to leave my jacket and helmet inside the ticket box and ushered through FREE OF CHARGE!
I didn't see that coming. They even rejected my offer to pay what Thais pay.
My day had suddenly become wonderful.


A clamber over rocks along the garden path towards the falls.
Can humidity be more than 100%. I'm sure it was out there today.


Only a few kids at the pool when I arrived.
The sound of the thundering falls mingled with the chirping of birds and laughter of children was very pleasant.
I lingered there for an hour or so.



It was good to see some life-bouys available near the pool. That back-wash near and under the falls is very strong.
And the water was freezing.




Adequately relaxed, I decided to return to examine some of the sites along 3023.
I recalled a favorite old Temple there I hoped to see again.

And, as predicted, when returning to my bike taxi-trucks had arrived and the waterfall was about to become not so peaceful.


I rode back to Wat Takham.
I knew that the structure shown here is 150 years old and has some interesting paintings of then village life on the walls inside.
The doors were closed but the friendly resident Monk opened them for me and left me to browse privately.












A newer, more garish, structure on the left of the entrance gate.


Then past a Church of Christ.


A little further along I discovered a new Temple (Wat Nong Bua Noi)



Further along at Wat Phra Kadtum in Saluang, when pouring some water into myself, a lovely lady greeted me with a friendly 'Hello, how are you?'.
There was a funeral at the Temple and she had flown over from Sweden, where she is living with her Swedish husband, arriving Thursday.
A long way and two different worlds in such a short time.
We shared a long chat about life in Sweden until she spotted an old lady she hadn't seen for many years, excused herself and arranged another iced water for me.


She said that land in that area and generally along 3023 is still very cheap.
I reckon this area is very agreeable and spotted a few homes and land for sale.
Not that I'm anything but totally happy with Doi Saket. Just sharing.

I had seen this mansion during its construction many years ago.
Sadly it is now deteriorating behind locked gates.


So back along the same roads to Doi Saket and home.


102 very enjoyable kms with a surprise bonus thrown in.
I bet it felt a bit fresher there today Ron after the rainfall
You know Ron that place is always one of my favorite falls. Not the prettiest, tallest or anything except if you get it at a tranquil moment it is simply delightful. Over the last 10 years the Tour bus traffic has gotten immense sadly. Just means you have to put some thought into your timing. Glad you found it peaceful.

Sorry I missed you, stopped by there the other day.

Have fun Ron!!
Bargain. Great report, as usual. Thanks Ron.
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