How to change a tire

Using windex to set the bead

I was watching a video of a professional tire team at a pro MX meeting and they said they use windex (the blue window cleaner) to set the bead on tires.

They said they had tried everything and like windex the most as its full of alcohol and evaporates away immediately.

Using soapy water, as many do. leaves the lubricant there after the bead has been set, any problems with the rim look at low pressure and the rim could spin.
A trick I used the other day, and it really helped, is to use an Allen key through the valve stem hole in the rim and into the valve stem to help insert a new tube. I have large hands and find it damn hard to get it in (so to speak) otherwise.
Some teams "cheat" and machine a little off one side off the rim making it a lot easier to change a tyre from that side. Don't know what, if anything it does for the balance or stability.
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