Fitting bib mousses in tires


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Jan 11, 2011
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Fitting bib mousses in tires

Just received my bib mousses & initial thoughts are how the hell do you get it over the rim and inside the tire without damaging the soft compund of the tire mousse. There's a decent deinition of a tire mousse that replaces an inntertube on a dirt bike below:

This is how it came out of the box



A bit of investigation & even though it looks fiddly, i think the right mechanic in thailand can fit the mousse on the rim inside the tire without crushing the mousse with a tire iron. By putting the mousse inside the tire 1st & then levering both onto the rim with tire irons seems to be the preferred choice.


Another story of fitting a mousse here ... itted.html

Mousse v's heavy duty tube arguments

More on fitting mousses here
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