Honda's New X-ADV 300


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Flagging sales of the new Forza under stiff competition from the Yamaha X Max 300, have prompted Honda to propose the release a mini version of their XDV 750 in a 300 package, latest news indicates this could be up for sale late 2019.


More here.

มีลุ้นกัน Honda X-ADV 300 จะมาในปี 2019
Looks like Lifan has already trumped them.

From what i've seen on the net the lifan is only a 150cc, if Honda do bring out a 300 x adv then I'd be interested in getting one as a daily run around for sure if price is conparable with x-max etc.
The Honda ADV 150 are on the showroom floors already, I saw a couple in Udon Thani a few weeks ago, priced @ 97 000 baht............................personally I think the ADV 300 would be a great bike, hope it comes to Thailand soon (y)
Strong indicators it will be available middle of next year, will be interesting to see what price point to compete with Yamaha etc.
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