Honda CT125 Hunter Cub (H2O) video


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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai
Here in Chiang Mai.

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I like this Bike. I 'Almost' bought a New Africa twin when it was offered with the 669K promotion but I couldn't get my local dealer to guarantee the final price. I'm glad I didn't . It's far too heavy for me and My CB500X and particularly the Suzuki Vstrom 650 are probably all the bikes I need for long distance Touring etc .

My KLX250 is also on the heavy side and can be handfull on some trails. I do have a old Honda 125 with a clutch which has been modified for offroad by the previous owner. The gearing is great and I can take it places I can't with the KLX250 or Honda dream 125 but it's too old an unreliable to use anywhere except locally.

I just wonder if it's got a low ratio 'Hill climbing' Gear :hmm
Yes I know what you mean about getting to places, I can get much further on my wave than the KLX 250
I've ordered one this afternoon. pick it up Wednesday. Hopefully this will complete my stable and I won't need any more bikes for a while :hmm
Well done 👍
I hope it turns out well for you. Now you'll be able to tell us what is in that box 🤔
RA would be interested in reading your ride experiences.
I picked the bike up yesterday morning. Took it for 200km's shakedown test. 50% off road on Trails up to Doi Bo Royal project in Chiang Rai. It's not the most challenging track in the area but considering it's rain season the bike was amazing on stock tyres. The trail would have been more of a challenge on my KLX250 and i'm confident I will be able to take it anywhere I can take the KLX (there will be extreme exceptions I guess) .

it's 'night and day' better than my Honda Dream or Wave for trails. Much better suspension and no plastics to break. That extra inch really does make the difference she says ..

The beauty of this bike is it's versatility. You can potter around town . Nice to have the front ABS. It seems happy cruising at 80kph. I guess top speed is around 100 . Then you can just hit the trails. First gear is nice and low , so much so that it would benefit from a 'slipper clutch' LOL. Also gives a perception of 'engine braking' on descents. It got more attention from Thai's than any of my previous bikes. constant thumbs up. Trade in your Wave Captain Slash. This is the ideal bike for you.

If I could only have one bike I guess this would be the one.

Ohh. I didn't get given a big 'f - off' Box so I can't tell you what was in it. I do have an old aluminium Top box I took of the Vstrom which I think will fit nicely.
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Hi Lakota,
Interested in an update re your CT. What do you think of it now?
I’ve got a Dream 125 with a 2P Wave Disc Front End. Anyone wanna do a Wave VS Dream VS CT VS Twist & Go 'Dual Sport’ 555 / ADV Ride? Like a USA AMA National Championship in a day...or two. (Discretion assured and expected). 555
Meanwhile, this new but dusty CT125 visited the Doi Saket Food Truck precinct yesterday.
The Thai owner likes it a lot.
He has been doing lots of off-roading on it and uses his Yamaha T7 for touring.
There is also a Triumph in his collection.

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