Fang-Chedi Kaew-Mae Chan 25-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1089, 1016, 4010

Total distance 123 km

I ride out from Fang northwards along the 1089 to Thaton, here just past the left turn for the 1314 I take a left to ride up a steep road to find this temple that I spotted on the previous days trip

Certainly a lot of sunflowers up here

At the back there are some other monuments

Plus something else under construction

The impressive structure that I saw from the 1314

As I park up this rather large bug walks over and hides under the shade of my bike

It is located at N20.03.897 E099.21.129 and the sign says its called Chedi Kaew

I cant stand back far enough to get it all in one photo

Time to walk around inside

No real people yet, just dummies

Finally upstairs I see some real live people

I am now right up the top

A stunning view from up here, overlooking Thaton

A Burmese camp on the hill

As I leave I follow a road out the back which leads to this statue at N20.04.240 E099.21.300

A view of Chedi Kaew from here

Also a good view from up here

Time to ride on and just past Thaton the oranges are getting lots of water on them

I dont take the left for Mae Salong and ride straight on, its been a few years since I rode along here and I forgot just how enjoyable it was with this great scenery
I ride to Mae Chan then take the 1016 for about ten km then take a left onto the 4010 to visit David Learmonth who has invited me to visit and stay a couple of nights

One of Davids prize porkers enjoying dinner, Davids wife Fon cooked a lovely meal and some more of Davids friends came along too but I never took any more photos of the evening.

Get the gdb file here
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