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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai

India unveils innovative diesel scooter - Motorbike Writer

"But would you ride one?"

And the diesel could be used to lubricate the chain!?

Not ideal.
If you were going to have a self oiler,90 weight oil would be best for its non fling-stickiness.
I like the idea of a small combustion engine that powers an electric motor much more than a 100% electric engine that is limited by its batteries.

Maybe a hybrid is not as clean but the weight and poisonous production of batteries, the long charging time, the short range and the fear of running out of juice and getting stranded are just too many drawbacks. Diesels today are very efficient and in combination with an electric motor make more sense until electric bikes become acceptable.
Last year when riding Yunnan Province I stayed a few days in Kunming and was amazed by the number of small electric bikes
being used there. A bit deadly too because they couldn't be heard coming from behind on the footpaths.

Then I saw on, of all places, a small village out from Muang Sing, Laos! Made in China of course.

But I agree, a combination is probably the way to go. Eventually.
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