180km/h Lambretta scooter becomes the fastest in the world


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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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[h=3]A DARING electrician has become the fastest man in the world on a SCOOTER.[/h] Joseph Elliott hit 112mph on his modified Lambretta at a track in Warwickshire, completing the quarter-mile run in just 11.87 seconds.
His scooter is so finely tuned — yet so light — it can beat the fastest cars in the world from a standing start.
He thrashed a Lamborghini driven by Top Gear’s The Stig in a sequence recently filmed for the BBC.

Joseph, 41, said: “The Lambretta I use has two 172cc engines joined together, to get the power up and keep the weight down. It is a bit like riding a bar stool at 112mph. Lambrettas are not designed to go that fast.”
That's just madness.

The scariest high speed run I've ever done... scarier even than getting my 1958 VW Beetle speedo around to the high beam light (about 88 mph) was on my China Honda (a Zinda) three years ago in Vietnam... fully loaded, of course, with me (120kg then) and 30kg of luggage....


Check out the speedo.... 115 kph


I think the new wheel bearings helped...


... and a roadside engine rebuild... new crankshaft, piston, cylinder and I think an exchange head too...


Great little bike (sort of)

Funny story to go with that one. We'd just about finished a back "walking" trail from an outlying village and were coming up a very steep hill when we passed these two Hmong women, heading into Sapa for the market. I dropped my pillion at the top of the hill and went back and gave the women a ride up the hill. After we got to Sapa, I went back and gave them a lift all the way in to town. The woman on the very back, got out her purse and said "I pay you?". Um... no, no need to pay, thanks.

At the end of our week there, we had women coming up to us in the street saying "you remember me" rather than "you buy from me"... which was lovely. Another one we gave a lift to...


This one invited us home to stay... which we did




Found some interesting "vegetation" there too...

Nice story and pics BigFella.
Those roadside mechanics can be magical can't they?

I'd like to see that BBC footage Phil.
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