CNX-Mae Ping National Park 21-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 108, 3165, 1156, 1010, 4009, 1103, 4038, 3008, 1087, 2059, 4040, 106, 4022, 1219, 1184, 4010, 1033, 116,

Total distance 451 km

I took the 108 to San Patong then took a left onto the 3165 to cross to ride along the river and follow the quieter roads to Hot

Along the 1156 I came across these being built, later on in the day I saw hundreds of them everywhere

After a short ride along the 1010 it was great to get on the 4009 and enjoy a peaceful virtually traffic free road

This is a much preferable route to Hot that Ally showed me last week

My gps shows a reservoir to my left, I ride to it only to find its got little more water in it than a swimming pool

A little further on at N18.13.751 E098.41.753 and the Huai Pu Ton Bon reservoir has more water in it

The Huai Sa Phaet Ton Lang Reservoir N18.10.921 E098.41.303

I emerge onto the 1103 just outside of Hot and ride past Doi Tao then take a right onto the 4038

The Mae Hat reservoir along here is pretty much full to the brim unlike last years trip

The 4038 is now a well surfaced road from start to end, unlike the rutted dirt track that it was a few years ago

I stop at this small temple alongside the road at N17.48.825 E098.47.876

Further along the road at N17.43.778 E098.50.696 I stop here for a look around

These guys are mixing some concoction together

Then its being hammered into these bamboos

I ride to the end of the road and turn right onto the 1087 then ride to the Mae Ping National Park

At the Kaeng Ko Reservoir the water level is well up

On the way back just before I reach the NP gates I take a right at N17.38.800 E098.52.551 onto the 4040 which is a narrow road that I havent seen here before, it goes for eleven km then stops at N17.33.522 E098.52.526

There is a camping ground here but I see nobody around

The cattle are the only occupants here today

The ride back, the entire eleven km is like this, a narrow twisty road with just trees all the way

I ride back to the 106 and turn left to ride home, just past Li I take a right to ride along the 4022 and get off the horrible 106

Its a pleasant short road then I take the 1219 then the 1184 home

A spicy sizzling Fajita meal at Miguels Nong Hoi tonight

Washed down with an apple burrito and ice cream.

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