Chong Mek-Vang Tao border crossing


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Mar 7, 2014
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I read an interesting thread over on Gt-Rider about the new entry requirements for motorcycles crossing into Laos at Chong Mek, but what caught me by surprise was that pickup trucks were mentioned as possibly being banned from entering Laos there (at least temporarily), which would mean that Laos would be breaching the Thai-Lao cross-border transport agreement. However, after much searching I have not found any information to verify this as being the case. Indeed, if it were, large numbers of Thai trucks that cross over to Laos to send goods to Laos via that border, as well as servicemen wouldn't be able to do business. Similarly, I would expect Thailand to retaliate and ban Lao pickups from entering. That would have a big impact on business, tourism and the ability of Laotian citizens to go shopping and to access medical services for example. I'm sure that would make the local news if it were the case.

I can understand that Laos is not happy about many issues from foreign motorcyclists in Laos that has resulted in the current tour requirement, such as getting into accidents and not paying adequate compensation, taking pictures, being asked to stop and then not following orders and getting into arguments with police etc. In any case the Thai-Lao transport agreement does not cover motorcycles, but I am concerned about the possible extension of this to vehicles covered by the Thai-Lao agreement, which doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone have any information to verify this or knows what the current situation is over there? The Chong Mek customs website is hopelessly out of date and there is nothing but happy, events related stuff mentioned on their Facebook page. Perhaps I could give them a call - as I intend to travel that way soon.
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