Chiang Mai-Mae Thi Reservoir Plus A Single Track


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route Hwy 11, 2061, 5084, 3039, 3198, 4015, 2006, 3015, 2029, 1147, 1317

Total distance 109 km

I decide to try out some new roads for me today to the south east of Chiang Mai and once I turned off hwy 11 everything was new

A gentle meander along some twisty roads

The look on her face says do I really want to be doing that

Further on I stop and theres a bit of a stampede as the buffaloes decide to run across the road

One straggler remains then decides to join the others

They now appear to want to come a lot closer to me

I thought this one was going to follow me home

A pet peeve of mine is how difficult it is to find gasohol 91 once away from the towns but now hopefully it will be sold everywhere as that is definitely what is in that barrel for 38 Baht a litre

The Mae Thi Reservoir

That looks a bit narrow to ride along with a deep drop to the left

I ride along it but in the gulley rather than along the top bit

I am guessing this is where the rockets are launched from

Dirt starts at N18.61037 E099.18282 and I ride along this dirt track alongside the reservoir

While I am stopped for my lunch break this girl rides along

She only went about 200 metres to where there were some huts at the edge of the reservoir, from here its a single track through the trees

Once out of the dense coverage its a bright day again

A few dried up river beds are crossed along here and it would make an interesting ride in the wet season

I dont usually find spark plugs in the middle of the track

No motorbike under there only wood and some sacks of something

Another dried up river bed

This one had a concrete path going through it

After about 4 km I reach a sort of camp ground

Water flowed from the tap but I certainly didnt drink it, I wonder how often the filters are cleaned out

Posters of people and dirt bike tyre prints but no one was seen while I was here.
Its at N18.62064 E099.21281, I was hoping the track would go further and link up with the 2031 but I saw no sign of any tyre tracks going on further

Time to ride back then

I follow a canal road on the way back

A couple of very short unpaved sections

A pleasant day finding new stuff on the doorstep

A huge quesadilla and chips for 175 Baht at El Diablos



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Feb 23, 2011
Chiang Mai
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Glad you enjoyed those roads & tracks Colin. There are plenty of similar around that end of the valley.

Nice 4 legged friends you made there today ;)
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