Chiang Mai eating: sadly, one to avoid


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Jun 14, 2011
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I have been wanting to try the Ohkajhu restaurant on the 121 between Doi Saket and Sansai (the one with the lil aeroplane out front) for a while, and today was the day.

Packed out with very well dressed locals it looked great: very attentive staff, the food on other tables looked gorgeous and the drinks were beautiful. I was really looking forward to trying their signature dish, the BBQ ribs with a side of onion rings and a platter full of their home grown organic salad. Oh, how disappointing! The food arrived literally within 5 minutes of ordering..... a very bad sign! The ribs were cold, absolutely chok-full of fat (anyone like to eat cold raw pig fat?) and Tom's salmon steak was also cold. And the onion rings never materialised.

All I will say is that they were very badly let down by their chef, because the presentation and service was terrific, great ambiance and lots of local pretties to admire in a really nice rustic setting but...... Chef needs sacking! My buddy went so far as to label it "pretentious" as it was just a plate of the lettuce they are so proud of, served with very mediocre food to an audience of locals who want to be seen eating there, regardless of how the food actually is!

How disappointing...... we're off to Three Little Pigs Louisiana Soul Kitchen in Chiang Mai for the real deal tomorrow!

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Agree Martin.
It has deteriorated since it opened (and I recommended it here!)
Three of us went there a couple of weeks ago and that will be the last time.
One even received the completely wrong order.

Yet it's become so very popular day and night.
However it does seem to be one of those places that has declined with its popularity.
And with the popularity the prices have increased.

A new place is about to open just at the end of their car-park (Doi Saket side) which may be a good alternative
(until it becomes too popular!)

Mai phen rai, so many options available.
And, as promised, here it is, the real deal! A side of ribs from our favourite place, Three Little Pigs Soul Kitchen in Chiang Mai.

Mine with cole slaw and a sweet potato, apple & bacon salad


.... the girls went for fries and cole slaw


which they polished off like a pair of real troopers!!


The ribs were not only vastly superior in every way to the ones we tried yesterday, but cheaper too!!

Cheers! ;)

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