Charity ride to Chiang Kham (school) Thurs 21st January/ Fri 22nd January, 2016


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A totally non-commercial (unlike previous veiled/ rigged charity ride attempts in the past in Chiang Mai) Charity ride to Chiang Kham (school), north east of Chiang Mai in a week's time from now. ALL ARE WELCOME.


Mark McConaghy, a rider & a teacher at the school in Chiang Kham, has been the organizer of this. He is one of the most sincere and polite people you'll ever meet. All the details you need are below:

The latest update on our ride to Chiang Kham in support of our member Mark and the school at which he teachers. Below this update you will be able to read the original email, I have included it for ease of access.
To-date we have received positive responses from 6 people 4 being members and 2 being prospective members. We are hoping to get a minimum of 10 riders participating, so please check your availability and if at all possible please attend.
This is our first ever effort at a charitable ride, which of course is a major plank of the Ulysses charter. This is one of those defining moments within a club’s history, it really needs to be a success to show our credentials within the greater Ulysses Family, please if possible support this event. We will be looking to gain donations from Businesses and Individuals so that we may make a real difference in the lives of the kids going to this school, more about that later. Again I ask that all approaches for donation be coordinated back through Mick so that we do not have multiple people approaching the same Business or Individual, we already have 2 businesses in town that have committed to support us financially. All donations gratefully received, and donors will be issued a framed certificate of thanks from the club as well as recognition on our Facebook pages.

The correct dates are below.
Depart Chiang Mai [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]1[/SUP]
21 Jan
Arrive Dok Kham Tai [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]2[/SUP]
21 Jan
Early Lunch @ TBD

Depart Dok Kham Tai [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]2[/SUP]
21 Jan
Mid Ride Coffee Stop @ TBD

Arrive Chiang Kham and book into hotel [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]3[/SUP]
21 Jan
Dinner Chiang Kham as a group @ TBD [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]4[/SUP]
21 Jan

22 Jan
Arrive at the Faikwang School
22 Jan
Present Donations to the school [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]5[/SUP]

22 Jan
Participate in activities [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]6[/SUP]

22 Jan
Depart for Chiang Mai [SUP]Note[/SUP] [SUP]7[/SUP]
22 Jan
Mid Trip Coffee Break @ TBD

22 Jan
Arrive Chiang Mai (Approximately)
22 Jan

1. We will depart Chiang Mai as a group, those that wish to travel at high speed to leave early and will await the main group at a coffee stop to be determined, with the main group arriving at approximately 10:00 – 10:30. This is riding scenario to be repeated until arrival at Dok Kham Tai, where we will meet Mark for an early Lunch.
2. Mark is designing a loop into Chiang Kham through some magnificent scenery and great ridding roads, this is being designed as a Touring Loop. We will post details very soon showing the route.
3. Mark has informed us that the director of Tourism for that area has volunteered to obtain for us favourable pricing for our overnight accommodation, however we must get numbers to him ASAP, so please let Mick know as soon as you can if you are coming. (If I haven’t heard from you I will ring you)
4. As a local Mark has some great ideas as to where we should eat as a group and also as a local he is well versed in the location of those places that may sell “beer” for those wishing to kick on.
5. As stated earlier in this post and in the original post this is our first ever charity ride and as such we are all very keen to make it a success, so again you are urged to support your club and come along. As stated earlier we are looking for donations from the business sector and individuals. On arrival at the school it is envisaged that we will hand over to the school director articles that we have bought from the money donated, the articles will be in line with the school requirements. (Mark is working on what would be appropriate)
6. The Director of the school has asked that our theme for this event be a message of safety in riding to the students. Hopefully we can do a talk about the safety features of each of our bikes, someone will be on hand on hand to translate as necessary. Can we please have a volunteer to deliver this safety talk. Please be aware that the talk should revolve around simple safety measures such as, wearing a helmet, obeying road rules, defensive riding, road courtesy, and maintaining your bike in a safe operational way etc...
Further to this theme of safety it may be feasible for us to organise a bike race as part of our presence, this would be a race with a difference, so all you budding MotoGP riders don’t get to excited. This race would concentrate on bike control. A measured course and the last person over the finish line would be the winner (No Feet Down). Please let Mick know what you think of that idea.
7. We will depart the school about 13:00hrs to ride back to Chiang Mai with a halfway coffee stop at a place to be determined, it would be great if we could make this return ride an endorsement of the Camaraderie plank in our charter and all meet at the predetermined stop for a final get together before embarking on the last leg of our journey to our respective homes. When we leave this last stop those that want to go their own way should notify the ride leader or the Tail End Charlie that they are leaving the ride, the rest of us will ride back into Chiang Mai together and drop off to our home points as required.
This has been a lengthy post and I congratulate all that have arrived at this penultimate end point. We do require volunteers to make this work and there is a list of required jobs that need names against them. To Mark McConaghy thanks heaps mate your help with the ride and wise counsel in regard to the school needs are very much appreciated.

Over all Ride Leader:
Chiang Kham and School Ride Leader:- Mark McConaghy
Tail End Charlie:- Mick Ditchburn
Safety Talk Presenter:-
Donations Coordinator:- Mick Ditchburn
Slow race organisor:-

Please team let’s put in a real fair dinkum effort and make this a great success. Let’s ensure that we put HUGE smiles on the faces of these kids who are so looking forward to us making their big day absolutely fabulous. PLEASE try and commit to riding to the event or if unable to ride please donate, be part of the event any way you can.
Ulysses is YOUR CLUB, please support your club and make the day fantastic for these kids.
Again please be aware that I have attached the original email below for those that missed the first one because I inadvertently used the wrong mailing list.

Thanks and Best Regards
Mick Ditchburn
Event Coordinator Ride to Chiang Kham
(+66) 092 678 5915
The Ride Plan:-
[h=1]Depart: -[/h][h=1]We will meet at Doi Saket on Hwy 118 at 09:00 for an on time departure of 09:30 sharp.[/h][h=1]The Service Station located at 18°52'20.7"N 99°07'57.9"E[/h]It is the service station just past the Doi Saket turn off and has a large “leaf” as its logo. It also has a “Coffee Cooperative”
Please ensure that you are all fuelled up and ready to roll on time.
Our Ride Leader from here to Dok Kham Thai will be: - Keith Marshall

The route to Dok Kham Thai: -
Proceed along Route 118 to the Route 120
Turn right onto Route 120
60.6 km
Turn left onto Route 1
5.3 km
Turn right onto Route 1021
9.1 km

First Coffee Stop will be after we turn off the 118 onto the 120 at Mae Kachan a couple of hundred metres on your right you'll see Coffee Party, that is where we will stop to regroup and refresh.

Lunch will be at a place on the left in Dok Kham Thai, about 2-300 metres after the decorative overbridge as you come into Dok Kham Tai. Mark will be there waiting for us.

After that as we leave Dok Kham Tai we will make a right turn onto 1251 which will be signposted to Chiang Muan.

Along the way there is a National Park with a very nice waterfall, it's 100Baht entry and a maybe 600metre walk to the falls which may deter some, this will be discussed and decided upon at lunch.

Otherwise we continue to just north of Chiang Muan and make a left turn onto 1091 to Pong.

At Pong there is a nice coffee shop where we will stop for a break.
From Pong we turn onto 1092 which is signposted Chiang Kham. From there it's a straight run into the town, and we'll pass Marks school which he will point out as we go.

We will then book into our accommodation that Mark has been able to secure for us. Its Bht400 per room. We have 5 rooms booked at this time.

We will settle in and after we are settled Mark will take us to a mystery restaurant.

The next day we will assemble at the Resort where we are staying at 08:30, Mark will lead us into his school with an ETA of 09:00.

Activities that are confirmed.


Safety Talk

Photo Sessions

At approximately 13:00 hours we will depart for Chiang Mai, led by Mark.Trip back being finalised.

I will provide more details again tomorrow when things are firmed up and finalised.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

Mick Ditchburn
Event Coordinator
"Ride to Chiang Kham"
(+66) 092 678 5915
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