Memorial Charity Ride For Auke 2019


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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One year now since our friend Auke passed away suddenly, I promised Sieste (Aukes son) that we on Ride Asia would do our best to honour this great man each year. This being the first anniversary of his passing turned out to be a great event and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who found the time and make an effort to attend or make donations to this needy cause, indeed we had riders coming as far away as Phuket to be with us as we raised an estimated 70k baht.

The rain god's smiled on us as we all arrived in Nan on the 21st to meet up and enjoy some good food and banter at the Crossroads Nan, Sean and Em a big thank you for all your efforts in accommodating us all.

Packing as much as we could into my NV in Chiang Rai, a bit like a Rubik's cube.


The Egg wholesaler did a cracking job of getting 40 cases of eggs on board.


No drama on the way from Chaing Rai as the guy's arrived in Nan.

Brian on his GS 1200

1 - 1.jpg

Steve from the Hangover Bar in Chiang Rai.

1 - 2.jpg

Des on his speed triple.

1 - 3.jpg

A good tun out by the Al Capone MC, thank you guys.

1 - 4.jpg

Des all smiles.

1 - 6.jpg

Em did a great job.

1 - 7.jpg

Sean chef extraordinaire.

1 - 8.jpg

Brian and Jamie

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1 - 11.jpg

Manie, centre from Phuket.

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1 - 13.jpg

Finally underway.

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1 - 14.jpg

1 - 15.jpg

My old NV dictating the pace, very slow..

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1 - 17.jpg

bike hill.jpg

1 - 18.jpg

Making the turn into the village, the NV screaming for mercy.

1 - 19.jpg

Time to start unloading.

1 - 20.jpg

1 - 21.jpg

The attentive audience, don't think they have seen so many farangs at one time, they all looked a likely shocked.

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1 - 23.jpg

Jim, from the Moto Bistro in Chiang Mai brought a huge amount of rice and other foodstuffs, thank you Jim

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1 - 25.jpg

Jamie had 85kg of rice and other food he had intended to put on the back of his AT, would have made for an interesting ride out.

1 - 26.jpg

Big thanks to the wife for putting up with me while organising this.

1 - 27.jpg

All 40 cases of eggs survived the trip.

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Before the food was distributed Ally kindly offered to Relay a message sent to me by Sietse which touched all of us and me to tears.

The huge pile of foodstuffs and other essentials donated.

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1 - 38.jpg

A good dental programme would be of great help to some of the youngsters.

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1 - 42.jpg

Ton, always up for a selfie.

1 - 43.jpg

Saturday turned out to be the hottest day of the year, Sean in the pickup carrying all the cold drinks went off to rescue a fellow rider leaving us all parched but still smiling.

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1 - 45.jpg

1 - 46.jpg

The chap on the right used to be the village Phu Yai, until sickness left him almost crippled.

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1 - 48.jpg

I am sure Auke would have seen the funny side of two grown men waving their bums in his face.

1 - 49.jpg

1 - 50.jpg

A simple Akha style dance routine was very entertaining.

1 - 52.jpg

1 - 51.jpg

1 - 53.jpg

This is what it was all about.

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1 - 55.jpg

1 - 56.jpg

Andre, helping out dishing out the rice.

1 - 57.jpg

Noi, from the Al Capone MC, good to see these guys support us this year.

1 - 58.jpg

La La working hard as usual, thank you for all your efforts.

1 - 59.jpg

A lot of the kids are vitamin deficient, this milk should help them for a while.

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1 - 61.jpg

1 - 62.jpg

The school teacher who did a fantastic job of distributing the food equally to all the village.

1 - 63.jpg

Kaye, Steve's partner, thank you for the pictures.

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1 - 65.jpg

1 - 66.jpg

Ally helping with food distribution.

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1 - 68.jpg

Steve and Kaye, Steve will be leaving us shortly and we wish him all the best for the future.

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1 - 70.jpg

1 - 71.jpg

1 - 72.jpg

1 - 73.jpg

1 - 74.jpg

Most but not all the kids happy, a biscuit soon fixed this.

1 - 75.jpg

JB, kids enjoying the images.

1 - 76.jpg

Kaye, inside one of the village hut's, as you can see brings a whole new meaning to the word basic.

1 - 77.jpg

One last job before we go, hanging up Aukes picture in the school.

1 - 79.jpg

Return to Nan and away from the blistering heat.

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1 - 81.jpg

Chris's GTR 1400, rescued by Sean after his front tyre blew apart.

1 - 82.jpg

Evening get together at Noi's Cowboy restaurant, as we talked into he early hours.

1 - 83.jpg

Steve, singing a song...Not.

1 - 84.jpg

Al Capone gave Steve and myself some memorabilia, thank you guys.

1 - 85.jpg

So that was it for this year, now time to start to think about next year, same venue or another, you decide.
beautiful ride and even more worthy charity cause!
You guys are great.

I heard another rider from Phuket, Goran, did similar charity to yellow leaf tribe in Phrae.
beautiful ride and even more worthy charity cause!
You guys are great.

I heard another rider from Phuket, Goran, did similar charity to yellow leaf tribe in Phrae.

Thanks Bob, you are correct the Mlabari or Yellow Leaf people are located in three locations, Phu Fah, Phrae and Huay Yuak near Nan the village we attended which is the poorer of the three villages.

Also some small communities are in Laos.
Big thanks Bob for posting
And a bigger thanks to all the riders who attended and donated so much needed stuff.

I would of made Jamie carry that big bag of rice on his
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