Beyond Samoeng to Doi Pha Som 22-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1269, 5032, 4029

Total distance 198

A scenic ride to Samoeng along the 1269 then along the 5032 which is in a bad state for quite a few kms, its very badly potholed.
I take a right onto the 4029 and enjoy the scenery

There is a 1.5km unpaved section from N18.52.722 E098.36.618 to N18.53.247 E098.36.102 but after that is asphalt

I was certain that this snake was alive and just enjoying the suns warmth but no it was dead and had been for a while but it was completely unmarked

A good road and equally good scenery

I turn for the temple at N18.56.137 E098.35.071

Its an extremely steep 1.2 km ride up a concrete road

I park at the top at N18.56.203 E098.35.385

A very good view from the top

Now to climb those steep steps, Im getting too old for this climbimg game, my hearts pounding and my legs ache

At the top and they have a truck on some rails to transport the goods along

I am approached by an extremely friendly cat

Theres civilisation at the top

The craftsman at work

One side is taking shape

But still a bit of work to do on the other side

My Thai counterpart, only his wall looks straighter than mine usually do

I am glad I made the climb up here today

In the UK bricks are carried in a hod, over here apparently its in a sack

The view from right at the top

A zoom of that nice twisty road

Back down on the 4029 and more enjoyment riding along here

A village in the distance

All those lovely strawberries, my favourite fruit

A very nice touch of colour here

The peanut crop is drying

Dead to the world

These concrete pipes do more than carry water, they are also ideal for drying chillies on

This Honda 2 stroke is probably ideal up here

I come across some large plastic greenhouses growing lots of sweet bell peppers, just past here at N18.59.809 E098.33.960 the paved surface ends and its time to retrace my route home

As I am looking to take a photo of something else I catch sight of this very large spider above me

Knowing absolutely nothing about them, is this one poisonous?

One last scenery shot then its back to home

A chicken jalfriezi and rice at the New Delhi tonight for 150 Baht.

Get the gdb file here ... i-pha-som/
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