Best times of year to ride dirt in North Thailand and Laos

Mark Rossi

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Jan 15, 2011
Northern Thailand and Laos produce 6 good months on average for off-road riding.
These being November, December, January, February, May and June.
November is the start of our riding season. The monsoon rains have subsided and the trails have dried enough to give some decent traction. November can still be relatively warm, up too 32 deg Celsius on on average has a high humidity

December is on average our coldest month. Maximum daytime temperatures reach to about 30 deg Celsius in early December, however humidity is mild. By Christmas maximum daily temperatures are usually no higher than 27c. The forest in December is still green 4x4 roads tend too be a little dusty but the tree line trails are still relatively clear of dust.

January continues to be relatively cool. You can notice the forest beginning to loose its lush colours and dust is starting too worsen, but still a slendid month for motorcycle riding. The landscape is not as aesthetic as the previous months but nether the less still splendid.

February I consider the last month of this period before the weather and landscape deteriorates to a point I would choose another location for my holiday. The daily maximum temperatures are above 30deg c and the landscape is starting too look baron by the end of February.

March I recommend not to come month. What I consider the worst month of the year to be in this area. Temperature at the hottest part of the day are uncomfortable and as the landscape is burnt back in preparation for the upcoming start off the wet season in April the pollution is unbearable.

April and the start of the rains mark the beginning of Thai new year usually by late April the pollution is all but gone and the landscape is starting to sprout green again.

May I consider to be the best month for forest riding. The forest was fire burnt in March and the showers are weekly, giving us dust free clean trails. Although May is a very hot month with temperature peaking around 40 deg c.

June is the best adventure riding month on average. The temperature is cooler than May about 32 deg c max. The landscape is a lush green. The roadsides are clear off shrubbery obstructing the views. I find June the most aesthetic month and the most enjoyable riding.
Also it is lowest time of tourist to visit, accommodation is cheap and easy to find and the locals more relaxed.

July, August and September has to much rain, the trails are just too dam slippery to get decent riding off-road

October can be a great month if their is little rain, the problem is the ground is already at saturation point so it only takes a shower to turn a fabulous day into a last man standing effort.
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