Best roads ? Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Russ McDermid

Jan 30, 2011
Chiang Mai & Hereford, UK.
Honda Transalp XL700VA in the UK, and a CRF250L & V-strom in Thai.
I'm riding from BKK to Chiang Mai this week on. Klx250. Can anyone recommend a good route, cities to stop in, or some must-do roads ?
Cheers, Russ

Bush Pilot

Jan 13, 2011
Hwy 340 out bkk is probably the most pleasant. Hwy 1 up to Ayuthaya is pretty awful. Though between Ayuthaya and Lopburi not so bad. Busy around Nakhon Sawan.
I'll often break up the trip and stay a night or two in Kamphaeng Phet. There are some nice cheap hotels along the river. Very pleasant area with good food and a very interesting historical park.
Just west of Tak is a lovely waterfall. Makes for a pleasant break, it's short hike and beautifull cool water. By time you get up there ya really appreciate the cool. If you aren't in a hurry stop for a night or two in Lampang. There's a great backpacker guest house right on the river run by an interesting Thai guy who into 4x4's and bikes. There's great massage school for a real Thai massage. The evening scene in the center of town is pretty cool.
In Kamphaeng Phet is also a nice guest house called the 3J guest house. The owner speaks great english and also hss resort up in the mountains nearby. It's really pretty country around there. Worth hanging out a couple days. Hardly any tourists go there.
If you're really not in a hurry run the Mae Hong Song loop from the south and stay in Mae Sariang.

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Jan 13, 2011
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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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North from Bangkok is dull which every way you slice it. A suggestion would be to take R1 out of Bangkok to Saraburi.

At Saraburi, take R21 to Petchabun.


Just north of Petchabun is Khao Kho, where there are some spectacular roads and views if you havn''t stopped there before, plenty of hotels and decent food there, worth a look.

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From Khao Kho, take R203 north to the Laos border, Thai towns called Na Haeo and Pak Man are right on the Laos border, you can use the road signs to these places if it becomes confusing.

From there find your way west onto R1268 and put Nan in as a WP destination.

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From Nan, you know about R 1148, one of the best roads in Asia and the way to Spicy from there.

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Russ if you've got time this is the fun route back from Nan to Chiang Mai

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Jun 14, 2011
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For me it'd be Bkk-Saraburi-Petchabun-Lom Sak-P'lok-Uttaradit-Den Chai-Lampang-CM. And on the way back Mae Taeng-Pai-Mae Hong Son-Mae Sariang-Mae Sot-Tak and then a quick blat down the 1 and home!

Bit nicer for me coz I'm riding up from Jomtien so take the 331, 304, 319 & 33 to Saraburi. And I'm on a big ole comfortable Ultra Classic! :D
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