Best Satnav unit 2016 for thailand


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Dec 21, 2015
Lomsak, Thailand
Hello all my first thread.

Looking for a Satnav unit , got a friend coming from UK next week where Satnav units are a lot cheaper , so going to get him to bring one over , and download the maps from here. As my wife struggles getting out the village, and after having a mere trying to find something in BKK the other day its time for a satnav.

I have looked through the threads but nowt up to date , is Garmin the best, if so what model, want to use it on my bike and car, any suggestions
Personally I would buy a Garmin unit as it has a better and more complete choice of maps for Thailand and the countries around it.

Which unit to buy? Depends on what you need or maybe better on how good your eyes are. As you want to use it on the bike, I would go for a Garmin 64 (see Garmin 64 on

The 64 has buttons to operate the unit and has a small screen so it might be difficult to see but, in case you would like a larger screen, go for a Garmin Montana Garmin Montana on The Montana has a touch screen so you have to tap the screen to get to the different functions.
Love my Garmin Zumo 350LM- it's great having something motorcycle-specific. You might have an issue getting free lifetime updates on the Thai map of you bring it in from overseas, though. The newer 390 can search out twisty roads in your area, which is nice.
Zumo is the top notch from Garmin, and if road riding and routing is what you look for. Then this is the one.
Montana use Nuvi for routing and is so and so. The Montana is listed as a handheld device on the Garmin web page.

You can find free maps for SE Asia here.
These are compiled for motorbike riding in SE Asia by riders..
The Garmin Montana has the best user interface and screen size. Buy a refurb. with warranty from It will have a new touchscreen & be discounted.
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