Amazing motorcycles from the NSU museum in Germany


Jan 22, 2011
Here are some photos from the NSU museum I took while on my Europe trip.
Some truly interesting bikes there.....

Wankel powered bike.

Ridem cowboy !!

Early days of Dakar navigation. A road book and an aircraft compass

Not much use here in Thailand....

Boost on, hold on. That is a blower from a Detroit 3-71 diesel engine.

Guess this early race bike was not broadcasting much engine information to the pit crew..... :-)

One of the most valuable bikes in the world, and the preferred ride of Lawrence of Arabia. He also died on one....

The perfect bike for running those pesky military check points in Laos...

Early cruiser style....

In the early days clearly they were not afraid to experiment with engine location...

Copy of the Easy Rider bike.

Early DNA for Triumph !!!

Early round the world bike. Am guessing early fifties on this bike.

Early Maico

Rocket bike. Should be a cut out in the seat to make room for anyone with the balls to drive this bike.

Love the "seating" position. 38 CC for power, and it reached 84 kph

Blower time....

Some of these bikes looked closer to kinetic art, rather than a transportation device.


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Jul 1, 2012
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What an amazing collection of motorcycles there (especially the Brough) thank you for sharing.

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Jan 29, 2011
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Beautiful bikes and a big thank you for posting them - might go there later this year when I should be back for my annual holiday in the Netherlands
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