XR 250 MD30 model 2004 for Sale


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Oct 15, 2014
with Green Book , Tax + Premium Insurance until January 2019

Too many Bikes , so one must go depend i like to do everything on my Bikes myself and don't have the Time to give every Bike enough care.
This XR 250 was in Motard Trim for many Years my daily driver until i got a XR 400 Motard .
Then it parked in my Storage Room until i converted it about 2 Years ago in to a Enduro to replace if neccecary my 96 XR 250 i use for Offroad.
But the 96 XR is still running strong and so this 2004 XR250 spend most of the last 2 Years in Storage .
And i spend far more Time to keep it in good running order as riding it , so it has to go .

Bought and registerd first in Pattaya end of 2004 and later transfered to Phuket registation (both times in my Name) without any Problem so i guess it's a good Book.
This XR has never seen another Workshop then my own and according to my Oil change records (every 3000 km ) is now close to 50000 km.
But far from Stock as i change many Parts over the years .
Some just as preventive maintenance , others for upgrading Stock Parts

Big Bore Engine : 280 cc , 10,5 Compression Ratio ,
recent Compression check 195 psi cold
Hot Cam Stage 1 installed , Original included
Hinson Clutch
Upgraded 280 W Generator and Recifier
Mikuni TM 36 Flat Slide Carburator with acceleration Pump
High Flow Air Filter in modified Airbox, no Snorkel , more Holes on topside
XR only Big Header with FMF Q4 Muffler (original and quieter as the Q4 on my CRF)

WP Shock
Veypor Dash
Pro Taper Contour Handlebar on 50 mm Rox Riser
Aftermarket Switchgear
High Presicion short turn Throttle Grip
New Spider Silicone Grips
Vibration Free Enduro Mirrows
Front , Rear and Indicators ,All LED
Aftermarket Front Mask
CRF250L Front Fender
Stainless braided Break Lines (good ones ,made in Germany) Front and Rear.
Large Oil Cooler
Enlarged Foot Pegs
Gearing 13/48
Neoprene Fork Saver

Bike has a recent big Service .

Cam Chain and Tensioner checked , o.k both Parts was changed
about 5000 km ago .
Cam Shaft and Rockers checked , o.k.
Valves adjust.
New Oil and Filter Castrol 20W40 (every 3000km)
Oilstrainer in Engine and Frame checked , clean .
Clutch checked , in Factory specs.
USD Fork has new Oil (Motul 5W) to Honda spec level ,Bushings o.k. , new Oil seals
Breaks serviced , New Fluid (Motul 660) Pads about 5 hours of use
All Wheel and Steering Bearings inc. Pro Link and Swing Arm Bearings , 5 hours of use , fresh cleaned and new Grease.
Chain and Sprokets less then 5 hours
New Clutch and Throttle Cable , new Spider Grips
New inner tubes , Tires maybe 10 hours of use ,Good profile but old , if wanted i throw a second Tire set in the deal (have anyway to much)
New Seat cover

Carburator has a fresh Ultrasonic Cleaning , reassembled with new
Gaskets , O-Rings, Slow and Needle Jet.

Not new , and no Show Bike but a strong reliable Runner
All technical aspects are in very good conditiones
The bike was about 5 Years ago complete apart , inc. the Engine and get new Paint .
Unfortunately i choose bad Paint , that why the Paint is so bad .
Lower Frame has Truck Bed coating under the Silver Paint , thats why it is so rough
New it was looking much better.

If you are interested contact me via PN
I can send more details or better Pic's

Price is 95000 THB
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