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Jan 11, 2011
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Smaller than a pack of cigarettes and now cheap, a wifi range extender can be really useful if you're internet dependant. Ever get that hotel room with the weak wifi signal? A range extender will usually do a much better job of picking up the wifi signal and rebroadcasting it to your device at full strength.

The other really useful use for it is using it as a wifi rebroadcasting device for one wifi log in. Many hotels will only let you connect 2/3 devices per room log-in free. If you log the wifi extender into the log-in the hotel has given you you can the attach as many devices as you like to the rebroadcasted wifi signal as you want.

range extend by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Some are intimidated by the setup of a device like this, its quite simple:

1. Plug the range extender (rebroadcaster) into a power socket

2. Connect your pc/ device to the range extender wifi signal

3. Go to the URL the device manufacturer gives you for setup

4. In the browser setup page (URL given) attach to the hotel's wifi with the login and password they gave you

5. Give a name to the rebroadcast signal and a password and click finish/ done

6. Connect your pc / device wifi now to the rebroadcast wifi signal and put in the pw you gave it and you have unlimited wifi connections to this.

Very useful for big trips moving around.


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Oct 15, 2014
Hi Phil

I do excactly what you discribe with my WD Wireless harddisk ,works great plus 2 TB extra space .
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