Why & How We Are Biker Friendly

May 26, 2019
Pua, Thailand
This is the first of three new threads over the coming days. The next (later today) will be on early booker rates and earlier opening date, and the third photos and detail of our standard breakfast. We'll also be adding some higher quality general photos in the coming week.

But first a quick recap...Aussie change management professional and Thai ex-nurse wife...over the last decade lived and worked in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Brisbane and Phoenix. Now semi-retired and moved to Nan province to wind down. Built a home just to the east of Pua and moved into it in February this year. Designed the home with a homestay business in mind. Will operate August-January inclusive each year. Three guestrooms, 'Rain' on ground floor is a small room with a double bed, 'Sunrise' on level 2 is a large room with a king and single bed, 'Sunset' on level 2 is a large room with a king bed. All guestrooms have private ensuites. Guests have exclusive access to the large level 2 living room/kitchenette and north facing balcony. We have great views to the north of the Luang Prabang mountain range and Nan River valley.

We are not bikers but having decided to open a homestay and observed the number of 'big bike' touring groups in the province have decided it is one of the niche traveler groups we would like to support. We are a small operator and will always stay that way. While we cannot be large we do aspire to excellence and want to become the preferred accommodation and breakfast experience for travelers in the northern Nan province area.

So now to why we consider ourselves to be biker friendly....

Our location. Pua is central to several of the preferred 'big bike' touring roads in the province. We are only 30 kilometers from the 1715 Lookout in the Doi Phu Kha NP if you want to head up there to take in the sunrise (and come back for breakfast). In the cooler months we can provide thermoses of hot water/coffee/etc and metal cups if you are returning that day - a great idea if up early to see the sunrise and brave the <10 degree temperature up there.

We offer undercover parking under a large carport attached to the front of the house. The property front gate can be padlocked overnight on request. Barbed wire and mesh fences discourage unwelcome visitors but we've never had a problem. There is direct access to the house from the carport which can be important in the wet season. If you arrive wet we can help clean/dry your clothes and leathers. There is a bike wash area adjacent the carport.

Our two large rooms are on level 2 and are on either side of a large guest only living room. All three rooms open onto the north facing covered balcony that is also for exclusive use of guests. If you or your group are the only guests, then the living room and balcony are an ideal location to relax or party. The living room is equipped with a kitchenette (complimentary tea/coffee anytime), large refrigerator, dining table/chairs, sofas, sound system, 55" television with True Gold channels, board games/playing cards and of course free wifi with broadband internet access. The covered balcony has seating for ten people. We have no close neighbours so a little party noise is not going to bother anyone.

At the front of the house we have a large and small portable table and ten chairs if you prefer to relax there. Set them up in the location you prefer. We also have a portable charcoal BBQ for guest use and will supply the charcoal/kindling and BBQ implements. With sufficient notice we can supply BBQ meat packs and would typically include bread rolls, caramelized onions, a green salad and condiments. (We need several days advance notice on BBQ packs as the ingredients are purchased in Nan.)

We can arrange for your pre-paid drinks to be ready for you on arrival/check-in and your return each day if staying multiple days. These will either be cooled and ready in the refrigerator in the living room or on ice in a coolbox for larger quantities or you want them outside of the house.

Smoking is permitted on the property between the carport and property front gate. If raining, the outer edge of the carport can be used.

Our rates include an English style breakfast. Tea/coffee, overnight oats and (sometimes) cut fruit will be ready for you in the living room. Later come down to the level 1 dining room for the hot breakfast at the agreed time. To provide flexibility for riders we are prepared serve a hot breakfast from 5:00am and as late as 10:00am. We also offer rate discounts if when booking with us you indicate you don't require breakfast for some or all stay days.

If you need to get away early on your check-out day we are happy for check-outs to be from 5:00am.

As we are a small operator, we realize you may be part of a larger touring group. Accordingly we are prepared for a small number of non-residential guests to join you in the evening, provided we have pre-agreed and they leave by the 11:00pm curfew. We are also prepared to provide breakfast for a small number of non-residential guests, again, needs to be pre-agreed and price is 200 baht.

And finally our last pitch for biker friendliness is a ride support service. If your ride has had an unscheduled interruption (mechanical, accident, fuel miscalculation) and you are stuck unable to get other support; if you are still in Nan province and north of Santi Suk, we'll do what we can to help. This includes using our vehicle to 'rescue' you and get you and your bike somewhere in the province where things can be put right. This is a best endeavours and uncommitted service since there may be days we do not have available time and resources (e.g Already on a provisioning trip to Nan).
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