What would make a better motorcycle to tour Laos?


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Feb 21, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
CBR 650F
I travel light with only a duffel bag bungied to the rear rack. I would be termed as a light tourer by bicycle standard. I don't camp, staying at commercial guest house or hotel. I also don't cook, but buy my meals. I don't intend to cruise over 80kph. I'm thinking of CRF 250 Rally, or a Versys X300. What do you guys think? I don't intend to ride secondary roads, but my experience with Highway #3 to China has been awful.
The CRF Rally would be perfect for the roads there, so called paved roads are less than perfect.
Second what Bsabob mentions. A Honda Crf or Crf-Rally will be a perfect bike for Laos sometimes beaten up roads. Reliable, sturdy and cheap on fuel.
My only concern with the CRF with the 7.7L tank.
Is fuel range could be a problem.
Traveled most parts of Laos on my CFR with a 7.7L tank and was never a problem.
IMO just be careful.
The rally does have a larger tank as standard or fit an even larger Acerbis tank giving a range of 250 km or so.
Is the CRF thirsty or something? 7.7L should give a reasonable range, my KLX 250 had a 7.7L tank and it was never a problem
I easily get 250 kms out of a standard tank on my Crf, 275 if I take it easy. At Laos roads you should get at least 250 kms. And the fuel in Laos is still not gasohol mix (?) so thus you should even get a tad more.

Anyhow - just plan a little, have a look at the map and see where there is a town. It should be fuel there too.

I remember the stretch Nong Khiaw to Phonsavan via Muang Kham (the 1C) looked a bit remote, but even there it was a couple of small towns with gas stations between Nong Khiaw and Muang Kham.
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