Wat Doi Suppanya - Wat Nam Bo Tip


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Feb 23, 2011
Chiang Mai
PCX - with custom valve caps
Fantastic....do the goggles make it a lot easier?
Phil, it changes your confidence because you can see what the camera sees and therefore see the angles as well as dealing with the depth of field issue of whether you are hovering beside, infront or behind the thing you are negotiating.

As the FPV is run on 5.8mgh when you do not have line of sight (antenae - antenae) the picture in your goggles is lost to varying degrees and you have a few 'half crown sixpence' experiences but alls good if you can keep your cool. A bit like riding your bike and losing site after the fly in your eye makes you put your glove to your eye, you cry and say a few choice words and then when the fuzziness clears, you carry on round that bend you are on !

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