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Friday Hotel

Quality hotel, 800 bht including breakfast

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Famous “Lek Nam Phi” Tron, Sweet Langsat, Home of Phaya Phichai Daphak, The “World’s Biggest Teak Tree”.
Information : http://www.uttaradit.go.th/
Uttaradit Province is a province in the lower part of the northern region in the Eastern Lanna Territory, 491 kilometers from Bangkok. Uttaradit has its boundary as follow :
North : bordering with Prae and Nan Province.
South : bordering with Phitsanulok Province
East : bordering with Phitsanulok , Loei Province and Democratic
People Republic of Laos.
West : bordering with Sukhothai Province.
MUENG DISTRICTLuang Pho Phet This is a brass-tin alloy Mara Vichai Buddha in a diamond lotus position with a 32 inch base. The Buddha is enshrined at Tha Thanon Temple.
Wat Phra Fang Sawangkhaburimuninart In the past, the area of this Wat Phra Fang Sawangkhaburimuninart was the location of Sawangkhaburi Town or Fang Town, an old town in the days of the capital of Sukhothai. Among the ancient remains of Phra Fang Saawangkhaburimuninart is Phra Mahathat Chedi of Fang Town a large old vihara. The front wall has a large door in the middle. It is a very beautifully carved wooden one, presently maintained at Thammathipatai Temple.
Uttaradit Cultural Hall Located on Paedwa Road opposite to the Governor’s House, the hall is a two-storey wooden house built in the reign of King Rama V. The Hall displays important antiques of the people of Uttaradit.
The Monument of Phaya Phichai Daphak ( “Daphak” means broken sword.) Located in front of the Town Hall of Uttaradit Province, built in honor of Phraya Phichai for his valor, bravery, patriotism and sacrifices. When as the ruler of Mueang Pichai in Thonburi era, he had performed many meritotious deeds; particularly in 1873 when the Burmese attacked Mueang Pichai, he marched his men to intercept the Burmese forces and defeated them. In the battle, one of his swords was broken, so he was called Phraya Pichai Daphak..
The Museum of Mythical Metal Located near the monument of Phaya Phichai, the museum exhibits mythical metal or Lek Nam Phi in Thai terminology, ancient arms, amulets and the world’s largest sword.
LABLAE DISTRICTThammathipatai Temple Located in town near the In Chai Mee and Samranruen intersection. One of the most interesting things in the temple is intricately carved ancient door of Wat Pra fang Sawangkaburimuninart.The pair of wooden doors are the craftsmanship of Ayutthaya era.
Lablae District

Phra Boromthat Thoongyung Temple Located inside Mueng Thoongyang adjoining west side town. Phra Chedi is Ceylon style round. Mural painting in Phra Vihara is believed to have been painted in Ayutthaya period.
Phra Thaen Sila-at The feature of Phra Thaen is a rectangular late ritestone with a width of 8 feet and a height of 3 inches, having accessory pattern evidencing of being Buddha throne. It is assumed to have been built in Sukhothai period.
Mae Pool Waterfall It is multi leveled high waterfall with beautiful natural surroundings and a sala (pavilion) for sitting and resting to clearly view the scenery of Mae Pool Waterfall.
Hometown of Phraya Pichai Daphak Located in Ban Huai Ka, Tambon Nai Mueng, about 5 kms. East of the office of the district, has been developed as an interesting attraction. The museum and monument of Phraya Phichai Daphak are housec here. Blessed with the Huai Ka canal’s beautiful sceneries, the place attracts lots of tourists to the district.
Nam Phi Steel Well Nam Phi iron well is a steel well and there are several, now there are 2 wells visible, “Phrasaeng Well” and “Phrakahn Well”, Phrasaeng Well is the well that has better kind of steel than that of others. In ancient time blacksmith who made swords for the king would bring Nam Phi iron from Phrasaeng Well.

Sakyai Botanical Forest Situated at Ban Pang Klua, Tambon Namkrai, about 53 kms from the province. With an area of 20,000 rais , the forest is consisted of various woods. The most important of all the woods is the biggest teak tree in the world, with a height of 47 meters and the circumference of the tree’s stem of 9.58 meters. It is about 1,500 years old by comparison of the size and the number of years from the teak stumps nearby.
Phu Soi Dao National Park With an area of 125,110 rais covering Nam Pad district of Uttaradit and Chart Trakan district of Phitsanulok province, the park, particularly at the height of 1,428 meters, used to be the strong-hold of the terrorists. Located in the mountainous area with over1,800 meters high above sea level, the topography of the park is like that of the famous Phu Kradung. It is cold throughout the year. Beside interesting natural attractions in the park, carrier and tent are available for tourists.
Sirikit Dam It is Thailand’s largest earth dam, constructed under the Nan River Basin Development Project. The dam is originally called Phasom Dam and subsequently renamed Sirikit Dam by Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit’s permission.Sirikit Dam offers very beautiful views; particularly in winter, the serenity of the atmosphere above the dam in the midst of decorative plants and flowers additionally arranged, which would bloom beautifully to challenge the wintry wind.


Thai-Lao Border Point From the border, along highway 1268 to Ban Khok District, there is a Thai-Lao border point called Chong Phu Du point which is open on Saturday. At Chong Maharat point in Tambon Borbia, it opens every Buddhist holy day. At Ban Huai Tang point, it opens every Tuesday. Cheap imported products are sold here.


  • Phaya Phichai Daphak and Red Cross Festival Annually held from January 7-16 in front of the town hall honor of Phraya Phichai Daphak, displays the Phraya Phichai-sacrificing ceremony, cultural local shows, products booths and other entertainments.
  • Paying Respect to Wat Phra Thaen Sila-at, Wat Phra Yuen Buddhabahtyukol and Phranon Buddhasaiyash Annually held from February 1-8, displays candle-lit procession, light and sound shows and other entertainments. Local products are available.
  • Cremation Festival for the Dead Body of Buddha Annually held on the 15th of the 6th lunar month at Wat Phra Borommathat Thung Yang, Lablae District, Interesting activities in the fair include the imitation of the Buddha funeral, Light and sound shows and so on.
  • Langsat Day Festival Annually held in September in front of the town hall. Langsat and other fruits are available at reasonable prices. The fair displays fruits processions, langsat contest, beauty contest, widow contest and other entertainments.
1. Mae Pool Waterfall
2. Wat Phra Boromthat Thoong Yang
3. Wat Phra Yuen Buddhabahtyukol
4. Wat Phra Thaen Sila-at
5. Monument of Phraya Phichai Daphak
6. Loung Phor Phet
7. Phraya Phichai Daphak’s birthplace
8. Khao Plueng
9. Wat Phra Fang Sawangkaburimuninart
10. Lamnam Nan National Park
11. Ban Tha Rua
12. Sirikit Dam
13. Nam Phi Steel Well
14. Sakyai Botanical Park
15. Klong Tron National Park
16. Phu Soi Dao National Park
17. Thai-Lao Border Point

  • Sweet Langsat
  • Long Lablae-Lin Lablae Durian
  • Nam Phi Steel
  • Phasin Teenchok (Local Woven Cloth)
  • Thongkong Sweeper

  • Air-Conditioned Bus around the town between 7.00 a.m to 5.00 p,m,
  • Bus to Sirikit Dam and Mae Pool Waterfall, Lablae District at the market
  • Taxi

  • Uttaradit Bus Terminal
  • Uttaradit Railway Station
  • Chertchai Tour Co.,Ltd
  • Win Tour Co.,Ltd
  • Transport Co.,Ltd
For more information, please contact :

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand, Nan Branch Tel.0-5452-118,0-5452-1127
  • Public Relation Office,Uttaradit Tel.0-5541-2729
  • Uttaradit Police Station Tel.0-5544-2370-1
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