ujung genteng ride report

Jan 23, 2011
ujung genteng beach, which is located in the south coast of West Java, this seemed never tired to visited. the location is not too far away from Jakarta, only 240 KM and takes about six hours to arrived in this place. This beach was as a adventure destination with bike or jeep.

wake up at 5 am, prepare a bath and morning prayers, then depart from the residence around 7 less, walk leisurely enjoying the morning air, the streets were deserted this early in the morning because maybe people are still asleep after the euphoria of the year last night. about 9 o'clock I had reached the area known cikidang with twists and climbs quite challenging.

not for long, i arrived in Queens Bay city and i took the direction to Ujung genteng beach.
In this area, road infrastructure is still woefully inadequate, but the inn has started being built, to reach the area we still have to pass through the seaside, offroad, pass the river etc..

and then we must find the inn for a rest, after take a rest , we decided to visit the turtle breeding at this beach .. prepare shorts pants and crocs sandals, i'm riding to that place. because every morning at the end of the tile is always rain, the road to not very friendly, sea sand and mud mixed with moss . is quite difficult for us to come here.


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Jan 23, 2011
this is a road condition if we want to go to turtle breeding....


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Jan 23, 2011
so i and my other friends stay here for one night and then back to home in tomorrow

beautifull scenery of ujung genteng beach
here is the photos


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Jan 11, 2011
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Tiger - being in the ITCZ, south of the south west monsoon weather systems, how much rain do you get this time of year when riding? Does the rain tend to be short tropical squalls? Or long days of rain? Great to see what you get up to down there, thankyou.
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