"Too fat? OK, have this office job."


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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai
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From Bgk Post today

Hanoi to demote short, fat cops

"Traffic policemen in the capital of Vietnam who are short or overweight are to be taken off patrols and given office jobs as part of efforts to clean up the force's public image, a Hanoi official said on Wednesday.

Commuters are seen on a street during rush hour in Hanoi on May 15, 2012. (Reuters Photo)

"This is a move to polish the public image of traffic police," said Col Dao Vinh Thang, head of the Hanoi Traffic Police Department.
"We are counting the number of traffic officials who have pot bellies and are too short."

It was not clear what the height and weight restrictions would be.

Col Thang said traffic police should also work in clear public view when monitoring traffic and issuing fines instead of hiding around corners or behind trees.

The move followed a road map released in December by Hanoi police chief Nguyen Duc Chung ordering the capital's traffic police to clean up their image to restore public trust.

Vietnam's traffic police have a reputation for being aggressive and corrupt. In a similar drive in 2011, the Ministry of Public Security banned traffic police from wearing sunglasses, reading or taking personal phone calls while on duty."
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