To Laos with the TLCB - Part 2

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Jan 29, 2011
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Part 2 - Phonsavan

We had expected that approval to travel via Long Chieng to Phonsavan would be time consuming or not allowed at all, and therefor we had allotted plenty of travel time. However, as the approval took less than half an hour we found ourselves a day early in Phonsavan. As Mac had been involved in the construction of the LS 271 airfield along the Nam Khan we decided that it would be nice to have a look at the Nam Khan and see if we could get some information about the old air strips. Early morning off along Rd. 7 to the west and a turn to the north just before the Nong Tang lake. From Rd 7 up to the river the road is unpaved but it is generally in good condition with beautiful scenery along the road.





The Nam Khan river down in the valley

At the Nam Khan river there is almost nothing on the south side other than 1 or 2 houses but on the other side of the river there is sizeable village with electricity supplied by Pico-Hydro Units.


Both cars and bikes can cross here to the other side (the river is the border between Xiengkhuang and Luang prabang Province)


The car ferry (70-80,000 Kip)



The bike ferry on the other side getting ready to cross with a bike and Mac talking with another bike ferry handler probably well known to KTMPhil

At both sites (here where LS 261 was located as well as more to the east at Vangthong also called Densavan and Pakvang on the Luang Prabang site where LS 271 was situated) the landing strips had completely disappeared according to the ferry owners.

On the way back to Phonsavan we had a quick chat with a group of people who had camped out in the forest for a few days to collect a certain type of root which was sold to traders for export to China.


The next day was spent or visiting schools to check on progress of some of projects supported by the TLCB. In Khang Don a new building was provided to house the library and "life-science" activities at the primary school.





Evidence of the past when things were less peaceful visible at the school-grounds (craters made by big bombs)


In the afternoon the primary school in Naxaythong (Nasythong) was visited where the TLCB had provided the funds to put a concrete floor in all the class rooms



The star-performer of the afternoon when students gave a performance of their singing and dancing skills
Great post, I read the story from the last visit from the BH visit.....think the school had just been built?

Great to see into there life's.............. a little.......... from afar

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Looks well maintained...

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