TBR-Racing (Butch) passed away in an accident in Tibet.


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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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Read the news on ADVrider.

You either love him or hated him?
But without a doubt, he posted some of the best Thread's about China I have ever read.
He was a great bike rider with a high level of skills.

His experiences riding around China was second to none IMO.

He will be greatly missed by some.

Re: TBR-Racing (Butch) passed away in a motorcycle accident in Tibet.

Very sad new's Steve he was a huge contributor to this site until some technical error and some his content was deleted.

Do you have any further news surrounding the incident ?
Re: TBR-Racing (Butch) passed away in a motorcycle accident in Tibet.

No Bob
Butch was a very private man and recently started to ride with his son a lot.

He went over from mainly road tours to Off-road stuff on his KTM.

So I not sure if the accident was on road or off-road.

When I hear some more I will post.

some technical error and his content was deleted.

yes a great shame after all that hard work and great posted due to a "technical error"
it's lost forever.
Really sorry to hear this, was a unique, interesting, hugely successful individual - RIP Butch, a horrible shock.
Sorry to say I never knew the man. Needless to say always sad when a rider goes down for ever. For some reason this song comes to mind when I hear of a rider dying. Has nothing to do with motorcycles but someday we'll all be Ghost Riders In The Sky.
Oh no, terrible news.
His work here on RA was outstanding.
As with 'rdrokit', I never met the man but sympathise with his family.
RIP 'Butch'.
Yes, I loved reading and looking at the pictures in his posts and his insights in the bike scene in China - really sorry that he is no longer with us - RIP Butch
This was posted on ADVrider

(It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you of the Passing of my Shanghai German brother and good friend Butch better known on this forum as TBR Racing.

Butch passed away last week while on a ride with his beloved son Tyler in Tibet.

It is not believed that it was due to a crash because his bike was found upright on the side stand while he was laid down on the ground bleeding (no details on that) with his spot tracker in one hand.

The few details that I have are that Tyler got a tire puncture out in the middle of nowhere and Butch told him to wait while he went back to the van to get some tools or whatever. After more then an hour had passed Tyler road the puncture back to the van where he found his father laid out.

TBR Racing has posted many, many trips on this forum of his adventure rides through the years and I had the pleasure of hanging out and riding with him during my years in Shanghai.

Butch leaves behind his son Tyler and his wife Wendy and my heart goes out to both of them.

TBR Racing will be truly be missed.

Rest in piece my brother)
Because he took us with him on many of his rides, with outstanding pictures and stories, many here and on other forums will miss him very much.
I hope his family and friends will find strength and courage to continue and ride in his honor.

It seems to me that the best way to respect Butch is to respect his desire for privacy for his family and himself.

"Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die"
Sad - Butch left a big foot print. He and I traded opinions for several years, respecting each others. I liked him, hope to see him on The Other Side.

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