Support in Indonesia.


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Aug 13, 2013
Lombok Indonesia, Bendigo Australia
Kawasaki KLX150, Honda Vario
I have been 'missing' from rideasia for about 18 months but am now back on board. Spend 4 - 6 months a year in Kuta, Lombok where my wife and I operate a homestay.

Always happy to meet riders from wherever and can help out with info servicing and trouble shooting. Last year helped Thomas from Germany get his KTM690 alternator re-wound. Solved a big problem for him and saved him a lot of time and money. Also would like to draw attention to a WhatsApp group called "Overland Indonesia". This group is run by Indonesians and is dedicated to assisting all riders travelling through Indonesia. Lots of support re hotel / camping info and other options. Breakdowns? Ferry connections? Lots of locals ready to assist in practical ways - in short a really good resource.

So, if you meet riders heading to Indonesia let them know support is available.

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