Sunday Morning Ride, Sawarna Beach, West Java, Indonesia

Jan 23, 2011
Sunday Morning Ride, is the designation for Bikers who travel on a Sunday morning with a short distance. They usually do it only for breakfast and then go back home. In Malaysia, Genting Highland or Fraser's Hill is the favourite destination of Malaysian Bikers, because it is not too far from Kuala Lumpur. In Indonesia, the destination of sunday morning ride is ​​Puncak, Lembang, Ciater, the reason is, because the location is also not far from Jakarta and Bandung. The goal only breakfast at the destination and then back home again. The advantage of doing sunday morning ride is to practice our reflexes. because it is generally in the morning our body condition was very fresh after rest at nighr

Once upon a time, there was an PRIDES Jakarta event at Sawarna beach Banten, because on Saturday, I have business who can't be left, I decided to go on a Saturday night, but because I'm very tired, ride tomorrow morning is a good choice. and be a Sunday Morning Ride to Sawarna Beach, Banten, Indonesia. FYI, Sawarna beach is around 230 KM from Jakarta.

Leave from home at 3:30 AM. I began to pace the bike slowly with a leisurely. the air was so fresh, the streets condition of Jatiasih through bogor so lonely highway. because generally the crowds just happened on Saturday night.

My Bajaj Pulsar 240F run slowly with 60-80 speed average, this morning, the air is quite delicious. around 5 am, I break for morning pray at Petamina Gas Station in Sukabumi Highway after Ciawi

Not for long, I continued the trip. The city transport in here was not friendly. I recorded the City Transport 7 times taking my lane from the opposite direction.

Passing Parungkuda, I took the Cikidang route, when this route was famous for the dangerous corner. Cikidang air with shady trees can make my eyes fresh. 30km went by, I got on the road that is divided to two. and I chose more faster route. and the streets are very hostile and under construction.

I'm sure there will be something nice here. walked slowly, because my bike has just washed overnight. : D Apparently this bad street no more than 10 km away. after this road is quite smooth until arriving at a point where I stopped and I talked with a local people with the amazing Queens Bay background.

Furthermore, I arrived at the roads that connected the Queens Bay - Bayah. it is typical of the way on the south coast is like this, narrow and bumpy roads. but it is becomes a challenge.

okey climbs and sharp turns are very much at this way, but not like in Cikidang. past the monument boundary of West Java and Banten that indicating Sawarna beach is not far away.

At 08.00 AM, the Sawarna village is Already in Front of Eyes. Entering the village is only have one way. small Bridge and only can be passed by Motorcycle, bycycle, and walk. Then I must to putt off my sidebox Givi V35 to entered the bridge.

I looks around the villages which located near the beach. Then through a lot Homestay and the average rate is IDR 75,000 per person including meals 2 times. so for all of you who want to come here do not worry, many Homestay in here

okay I ride my bike more deeper. where the end of the beach is Tanjung Layar beach with its exotic big two coral. Passing through the little streets of the village, and sand beach accompany my journey.

actually no good roads leading to Tanjung Layar beach. stones is just a little way in the beginning. okey. I'm enjoy it :)

finally .. arrived in Tanjung Layar beach, and there met my fellow Prides Friends

regrads. Rial Hamzah,


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Jun 28, 2011
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Nice pictures there, perhaps Indonesia would be worth a visit sometime
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