Some Gems here at Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction


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Jan 14, 2011
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Mr. 2wheels:

Most thankful for your taking the time to post this and other links. I've been on the road (, not keeping up, and fast-tracked through your posts. Excellent.

Passing through Chiang Mai, Thailand some weeks ago, I thought I'd found a real antique, hidden away on the third floor of a clothing shop..."Fool me once...etc."

Eventually sussed it out as some nice creative metal work and rust on a "not-so-rare" 1935-1965 Whizzer (a kit bike - your bought it, assembled and drove). In 1997 the company tired a comeback, selling engine, tranny etc. to install in an "old style Schwinn (owner of Henderson motorcycle company after 1917) bicycle. Have since acquired a Schwinn bicycle, and was sniffing around for someone like the owner of this artistic piece in photo to do a "TIT mod" - maybe over winter of next.


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