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Apr 26, 2017
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Hi Guys, I am planning a long overland motorcycle trip.

I will be riding a KTM 1290 SA Motorcycle from Australia - Then riding North > overland through SE ASIA
.., via Timor Leste / Indonesia / Malaysia / Thailand / Cambodia / Laos / Myanmar etc , and onwards to India etc .

Note; I will be riding my own bike on this trip and will have a Carnet De Passage.

Question : Can I enter Vietnam on my bike, is it allowed ? (I heard it is not permitted)
If possible i would like to enter from either Cambodia or Laos.

Note : I have read that permission needs to be granted from the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport , but I have not read any reports of anyone actually being grated entry for their bike (and themselves) to tour Vietnam.

.., Is there any way to make this possible on my own bike, as It would be a shame to have to skip Vietnam all together.


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Jan 29, 2011
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It is not easy but I know that some people crossed the border with their bike without going through all the hassles of getting a permit. Unfortunately some people broke the rule a bit to much and made it much harder for other people to do the same thing - crossing the border without all the hassles that is. You may contact Flamingo Travel in Hanoi as they can arrange the permit and although they are supposed to be guiding you along your trip in Vietnam, in practice they will only be at the border when you arrive and when you leave and for the remainder leave you alone to do the things to see on your own.

Flamingo can be contacted at - Email - Phone +84 (0) 4 3926 0938 - I was recently told that sometimes they are very slow replying to email messages (very common in this part of the world) so you may have to call them or contact them through their Contact page at their website:
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